Friday, April 15, 2011

Big Hole Brewing Company - Headstrong Black and Tan

Big Hole Brewing Company

Headstrong Black & Tan
ABV 5.5% 473 mL can
Sugar Content : 4
Available: LCBO 170167 Price: $ 2.20

So, I always liked Upper Canada's Black & Tan, for my then immature palate, it was a tasty beer. Unfortunately, it no longer exists except in my memories.

Headstrong's appeared in my fridge courtesy of my wife's trip to the LCBO, a thoughtful gesture on her part. My attempts to dig up information on the beer, or the brewery, had limited success, so I'm unable to share what Big Hole blended for this particular offering.

the Look: Started well, leaving a nice head, good texture, rich, dark colour. Unfortunately it quickly dissipated into lingering foam on the edges leaving the liquid looking lonely in the glass.

the Smell: not much here, maybe a little citrus, maybe a little "chemically"

the Taste: little on the front, nothing on the back, lingering chemical flavour, no length, no complexity. Not horrible, but not much to say.

the Feel: thin, good carbonation, no residual.

Overall, I would suggest this as a decent beer to introduce a non-beer enthusiast to a different style. It does have "enough" to be different, and thus a little exposure therapy for your friends, but not enough to keep you engaged.


Hmm...i'm a fan of the black part intrigues me.
Think i'll search this out and give it a whirl!

were you able to find any?

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