Friday, April 29, 2011

OCB Series - Black Creek Historic Brewery's Pale Ale

5.0% ABV

"At Black Creek Historic Brewery we will start out brewing three traditional types of beer – a Dark Ale, a Pale Ale and a Porter. All three were the common beverages in Ontario during the 1860s, the era in which our brewery is set. As we go, we will be adding other beer varieties.

All of our ingredients are locally sourced, and other than hops, (which was originally introduced as a preservative), we use no artificial additives or preservatives. Our beers ferment in real wooden barrels.

Pale Ale uses predominantly pale or lightly-roasted malts. This beer has a full, airy taste with more hops than darker ales. Black Creek Pale Ale is a great choice with salads or spicy foods, or as a cool refreshment in warm weather."

The Pour

This offering from Black Creek pours a nice orange to caramel cross in colour. There is some hop haze and possible chill haze with decent carbonation in the glass. Small bubbles form a nice frothy one and a half fingers of white, cloud-fluffy head. As the head dissapated quickly, it left a traditional Pale Ale.


Poured into a tulip glass, there is a nice slightly spicy aroma with some orange and citrus notes. A slight bitterness to the nose with hints of malt breadiness. Very pleasant, if somewhat faint. This Pale Ale is more traditional than some of the hop bombs from breweries like Flying Monkey or Bell's.


Right away you get some bitterness from the cascade hops. The is a nice malty presence in the middle of the mouth. Finishing dry with lingering bitterness. A pleasing carbonation adds to the overall enjoyment. This ale is not the biggest or best tasting Pale Ale, but definitely respectable.

Overall Impression

At 5% ABV, this beer is a very solid, sessionable, authentic Pale Ale. Definitely a craft beer, right down to the bottle conditioning of the product. It doesn't have the huge citrus to floral aromas of some of the more renowned American styled offerings, but it is a beer one could enjoy with some Indian food or a nice salad. I would give this beer a B. A good Pale Ale, fitting nicely the mission of Black Creek's Historic Brewery.

Available at the LCBO (238766) 500mL $3.55


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