Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuborg: Gold

ABV 5.5%

"This full flavoured deluxe pilsner is famous for its crisp European taste and has been brewed in Copenhagen since 1895. Its high quality and unique taste have earned it an appointment to the Royal Danish Court." Tuborg is part of the Danish Carlsberg group, which is Denmark's leading brewer.

the Look: It poured with almost zero head, fairly clear with a colour close to a dark yellow. Not overly impressive to look at, but I suppose thats the "gold".

the Smell: A faint sweet smell, nothing specific to pick out.

the Taste: Mild chemical taste, not pleasant, didn't last at all.

the Feel: mouthfeel was almost thick, not quite syrupy, but close, heavy.

Overall: for a beer touted to be a top choice in Denmark, I was unpleasantly surprised. I was expecting a somewhat "premium" offering, and while I know that the LCBO imported premiums don't come close to the flavour of a local craft brew, I expected better. On a positive note, they do have a fairly cool website, check it out here.

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Available at the LCBO

LCBO 74591
Price: $ 1.95

and at the Beer Store
Price: $ 1.95


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