Thursday, May 19, 2011

OCB Series - Amsterdam Brewing Company - Spring Bock

7.2% ABV

30 IBU's

"Originally brewed only in monasteries for consumption during Lent, bock beers are the richest, creamiest, and most full-bodied beers in the world. Because of their high food energy and nutritional content, bock beer provided sustenance to monks who were required to fast for over 40 days and nights. If there was one beer you could literally live off of, this would be it. Our Spring Bock is crafted using three types of imported malts to give it a unique richness and deep mahogany colour. Fermented with our house strain of Danish yeast and aged three times longer than other beers, Amsterdam Spring Bock is a seasonal brew you do not want to miss out on."

The Pour

Deep ruby, mahogany in colour with a khaki creamy head. Lots of carbonation streaming from the glass. Very clear, without and hop haze or particulate.


Malty with a whole grain breadiness. Candied sugar, dark fruits and slight spice notes come through. A very complex aroma that is quite pleasant.


Malt forward with a nice effervescence. The alcohol, while not huge at 7.2% ABV, is nicely masked and unnoticed. No big hoppiness as could be expected, and very smooth. You really get those dark fruits and candied sugars to the finish.

Overall Impressions

A very enjoyable beer. The Hallertau hops, combined with the Danish yeast difinitely give an authentic European taste. I was surprised how much flavour was packed into a beer with a very light mouth feel. Very pleasing, almost a meal of a beer. This is a B+ for sure. I could see enjoying one to get energized to cut the lawn.

Available at the LCBO (208942) 500mL $3.95


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