Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ontario Brewing Awards - May 10, 2011

22 categories, over 135 entries by 24 different breweries (big and small) with the silver/gold awards being judged by BJCP judges, this was a serious event for industry folks and beer aficionado's. This year featured entries from a wide ranges of brewers including Labatt's (which I'm not a fan of) and the Niagara College Brewmaster program.

The Dominion on Queen in Toronto (with over 16 craft and local beers on tap), hosted the event, which produced a long list of winners. A long list is great, Ontario didn't used to be home to so many brewers, brewing such a wide variety of styles. Stouts, Porters, Ales, IPA's, Wheat, Maple, Bocks and more! Just think of how far we have come. Take a trip to your local craft brewer and try their fresh, no preservative offerings and you will never look back. (many available at the LCBO too!)

While I fully expect to see a number of press releases in the coming days, I'd like to note that our local Railway City took home the People's Choice for Amber Ale for their Iron Spike Copper and the BJCP judged Gold in Dark Ale for their Iron Spike Amber Ale (yes, the copper won in the amber category and the Amber won in the Dark category)

I'd like to congratulate and thank all the entries, it shows what great selection is brewing in Ontario. For a complete list of winners, click here.

Take a gander at the events page for more information about the upcoming Ontario Cask IPA Challenge this weekend, Ontario Craft Beer Week in June, Festival of Beer in August, and Toronto Beer Week in September.


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