Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thomas Hardys Ale 2008

11.7% ABV

"Scarce, subtle and complex, Thomas Hardys Ale is the beer enthusiast’sequivalent of rare cognac. Bottle-conditioned to mature in the bottle like fine wine, this old ale/barley wine will improve with age for at least 26 years (and we’re still counting!). Not for the faint of palate, especially when young and brash, maturity brings an elegance of flavors unmatched by any other beer—if you have the patience to cellar it for at least a decade."

The Pour

Mahogany ruby colour. Little to no head. Minimal carbonation. Pours like and cognac. Amazing colour. This fine aged ale looks like a sherry cask aged whiskey with it's deep earthy reddish hues.


Raisin, fig, dark fruits. Very slight alcohol smell. There is a malt breadiness, with some honey/carameled sugar like sweetness. Along the lines of a Belgian style quadruple, with it's complex nose.


Incredible smooth. Velvety mouth feel. For 11.7% ABV, there is no real alcohol taste. You get the dark fruits to the front of the mouth with it bellowing like honey over the tongue. Wonderfully smooth mouth feel. This mellow sipper has perfected with age.

Overall impressions.

This bottle conditioned strong ale is just a wonderfully well balanced beer. Super smooth. Definitely a solid A for sure. Much like a fine whiskey or delicious full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, you could enjoy this one sip at a time throughout an evening. I could only imagine how great this would taste with more years on it. If you see this in your beer travels, be sure to try it or buy it to cellar. No longer available, this is a beer lovers dream.


Good post.I agree word for word.Great beer.Its almost like we tried the very same bottle...wierd.

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