Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garrison Brewing - Hop Yard Pale

5.3% ABV

40 IBU's

"Deep golden, medium bodied & nicely bitter, Hopyard Pale is exceptional in the West Coast style. Generous hopping in the boil & further dry-hopping produce a fruity/floral aroma & refreshingly bitter finish. A true thirst-quencher!"

The Pour

Wonderful orange/tangerine colour. Pours with a generous two finger head. Tiny, tight white bubbles form a head that sticks around. Decent amount of carbonation streaming from the glass. Gorgeous beer.


You can definitely get the aroma of the hops right away, even before you get your nose to the glass. Along with the excellent hop smell, there is a nice cereal grain maltiness. Some orange peel, slight citrus notes are also present. Overall very pleasant.


From the first sip, there is a nice grapefruity flavour with a hint of pine. Very nice mouth feel, with the carbonation helping to mellow out the hop flavour so it isn't a punch in the mouth. Towards the back of the mouth the malt and cereal grain characters come through. Then you are rewarded again with another hint of the hops with some bitterness in the finish. Tasty!

Overall Impression

I have to tell you, I love hoppy beers. I love the way they smell, look and taste. This beer is a very good example of a nicely balanced dry hopped beer. Those fruity/floral notes of the Cascade hops shine through, with Nugget hops adding a wonderful bitter quality. Add in some Amarillo for some more citrus like notes and hear you have a nice refreshing Pale Ale. This is a very solid beer. I would give it a A-. I would love to try Garrison Brewing's Imperial IPA to compare...one day it will be available in Ontario (fingers crossed!)


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