Thursday, June 30, 2011

Innis & Gunn Limited Edition Canada Day 2011

8.3% ABV

"This special beer has been brewed using Munich malt and golden oats to give it a beautiful biscuit backbone and a creamy smooth finish. Fuggles hops add their signature earthy and rich character before maturation in bourbon oak unlocks delicious flavours of vanilla and toffee from deep inside the oak grain."

The Pour

This limited edition barrel aged beauty, pours a wonderful copper colour. The head is made up of one and a half fingers of tight white bubbles that crown the glass and stick around. Leaving some nice lacing as I sip away. A decent amount of carbonation is streaming off the sides of the glass.


There are lots of malt notes present, along with a buscuity/breadiness. Vanilla and toffee notes from the bourbon barrel aging are quite pleasant. A slight hint of alcohol is also there.


Wow! Big bourbon flavours. A Delicious mouthful of malty goodness. There is a decent amount of toffee like sweetness with undertones of vanilla. Slight, slight spice quality. A very nicely balanced and complex beer with a slight smokiness to the finish. There is a slight alcohol burn to the back of the throat.

Overall Impression

I have been very happy in the past with all that Innis & Gunn has to offer. Their handcrafted, barrel aged beers have been a huge hit in Canada and especially Ontario. At first it seemed a bit odd that a Scottish brewing company would make a limited edition brew to commemorate Canada's national holiday, but it turns out to be a rewarding homage to the country that buys the most of their beer. The bourbon barrel aging adds such a pleasantly complex taste profile to the beer. The vanilla, toffee and spice tones, combined with warmth offered from the 8.3% ABV is especially nice. This is definitely a beer worth of a great nations holiday celebrations. A solid "A". Get this 2011 edition while you still can.


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