Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OCB Series - Grand River Brewing - Plowman's Ale

4.7 % ABV

"This is a big, bold beer that is loaded with five types of hops but also backed up with a hearty grain that establishes balance and body. This deep copper coloured beer has beautiful spicy and a slight citrus hops note right from the start with a rounded malt finish accompanying the hop bitterness.

Immediately after pouring the beer, you will notice a full, rocky head form at the top of your glass that preserves all the flavour and allows the slow release of the hop focused aroma. As you drink and enjoy your beer you will notice the head take on a thick and rocky appearance as it creates some wonderful lacing down the side of your glass. All signs of a well made traditional style beer."

The Pour

This offering from Grand River Brewing pours a auburn to mahogany colour. One finger of a lingering off white / tan head. With a gentle swirl, the head reappears, but not a lot of carbonation streaming off of the glass.


Some bready malts are the first thing I smell. This is followed by some earthiness and slight pine and floral characters. Caramel and toffee balance of some of the hop tones.


A delicate mouth feel with small bubbled carbonation. Through the centre of the tongue and top of the mouth there is a wash of bitterness that is pleasing to the palette. You can taste some of the floral and slight citrus notes of the hops, but the bitter / earthy qualities are definitely the most powerful. Through to the aftertaste, the bitterness create a drying affect to the mouth.

Overall Impression

I have to be upfront and let you know that I have had several offerings from Grand River Brewing over the years. Among their beers, this way definitely one that stood out. This is a very well brewed amber ale, with a modest ABV that could be enjoyed for an entire evening. Balanced sweet, bitter and floral / citrus notes make this very enjoyable. I would rate this a B+. A very good beer indeed.


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