Friday, June 17, 2011

OCB Series - Mill St. Brewery - Lemon Tea Beer

Mill St. Brewery
Lemon Tea Beer
ABV 5%

"A remarkable wheat beer infused with a blend of Orange Pekoe and Earl Grey teas.  It pours a light amber colour and will charm you with its sublime tea flavour and subtle lemon twist.  A truly Canadian take on one of Europe's newest beer styles."

the Look: this beer glowed orange in the glass with the typical cloudy look of a wheat beer.  The head dissipated quickly leaving, well, nothing. 

the Smell: a hint of citrus, hint of malts, nothing overpowering.

the Taste: fairly light in flavour, a little tang and limited linger.

the Feel: again very light, hits a little on the front and back of your tongue.

Overall: not a strong flavour, designed for summer drinking on a hot day, and it will fit the bill.  I'd suggest drinking it cold, preferably on a hot humid day under a patio umbrella.  I'd rate this beer a "B", average overall but a perfect fit for a humid Canadian summer.

Available at;
Price: $ 2.65 


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