Friday, June 10, 2011

OCB Series - Mill Street Brewery - Stock Ale

Mill Street Brewery - Stock Ale

5% ABV

"This thirst quenching "export-style" brew is crafted the way domestic blonde ales were made 100 years ago. The natural sweetness of the malt dominates this smooth ale, making it - what we alternatively call the "Ultimate Hockey Beer" or the "Ultimate Cottage Beer" (depending on the season!)."

the Look: considered to be a blonde or golden ale this definitely looks "old gold" in the glass, bubbles cascading consistently, initial head fades quickly leaving a ring around the edges

the Smell: smells like a beer, that beer smell from a night at the bar, reminding you of all the good (and not so good) nights out with the boys. light hops.

the Taste: not too bitter, not too sweet, lingers lightly on your tongue, could have a few and regret it in the morning

the Feel: medium, lets you know its there, without being so light it feels like water.

Overall: I almost want to add a "sound" this review, it continues to snap crackle pop throughout. I have to admit, its not my favourite, but I can see it being enjoyed by many. Its considered by the brewery to be a "drinking" beer, I would concur, its not too heavy on flavour, or feel, and would be a great alternative to the mass produced options available.

I enjoyed mine sans food, in the backyard on a beautiful sunny day. I'd offer light flavoured meats and sandwiches as a compliment.

Available at;
The Beer Store

6 Bottle 341 ml$12.55view locations
12 Bottle 341 ml$22.95view locations
24 Bottle 341 ml$42.75view locations

the LCBO
6x341 mL bottle
Price: $ 12.55


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