Saturday, June 11, 2011

Steam Whistle launches handy Can Packs for Summer 2011

Toronto, ON

Steam Whistle Brewing, a Canadian independent producer of premium beer, rides the heat wave into summer with the introduction of a new convenient and well-designed 6pack of 355ml cans.

Canadians have shown growing demand for canned beer, with 36.6% of 2010 nationwide beer sales being in the aluminum format compared with only 24% five years earlier. (* Source: Brewers Association of Canada; Canadian and Imported Beer Sales in Hectolitres). “There are some interesting regional differences we considered when developing this new package offering,” acknowledges Steam Whistle Director of Marketing, Jamie Humphries. “For example, residents of Alberta had a 63.4% purchasing preference for canned beer last year, so we’ll be shipping these western drinkers our canned 6packs right away.”

Ontarians still favour bottles (62.5% of provincial sales are in that format) which suits Steam Whistle and their iconic green glass bottle just fine, but “Ontario beer drinkers reach for cans seasonally with activities that get them out of the house and into summer. This handy 6pack carrier will provide that warm weather convenience for premium beer drinkers through Ontario Beer Stores,” explains Humphries.

Steam Whistle won’t be using a standard can carton though; instead,in-house Art Director, Elton Clemente, designed an original can carrier that features a sturdy handle and end panels adding stability to the pack, while offering a peep-show of the fun/energetic cans within. Steam Whistle signature branding wraps the casewhich was printed and pre-glued by Cascades and formed on a Kodiak case erector on the brewery’s canning line.

Steam Whistle Brewing expects full distribution by Canada Day with the 6 x 355ml pack of their single brand, Steam Whistle Pilsner, on shelves in Ontario Beer Stores, and Alberta private retailers. Can packs will retail for a standard $14.50 to Ontario home consumers while prices at Western Private Retailers will vary.


15 bucks for 6!!! You crazy?!

Hey anonymous, you can drink Crest like a hobo, or you can pay the price for quality. It's called "premium" beer.

The issue I have with Steam Whistle is its NOT Premium beer. Its good beer..not "premium" and i think its insulting to be asking $14.50 for a six pack of cans. Its $11 for 4 individual 500ml Tall essentially if we buy the 6 pack of 355ml cans we're paying for the stupid piece of paper wrapped around the cans. There is much better beer out there to be spending top dollar on.

Not only that. Did you know that you pay a $0.10 non refundable deposit on all beer cans as well as $0.10 refundable deposit. The non-refundable deposit was brought in under the disguise of an environmental argument, but it was not applied to pop cans. It was brought in during the early 90's to act as an export barrier to American breweries.

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