Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Rock Brewery Brings Back Magpie Rye Ale

Calgary, AB

Big RoCK Brewery to bring back Magpie

The return of Magpie is part of the brewery's Brewmaster's Series and will be available for a limited time in 6 packs or on draught.

First introduced in 1994, this ale has had the single most requests for a return to their fold.

If you want to know exactly where you can pick up a six pack of Magpie, or try it on tap, you can start your search by putting on your beer goggles and heading to their website's beer finder feature at www.bigrockbeer.com


Rye ale, known as Roggenbier in Germany, was popular in Bavaria until the 15th century. After a few years of widespread crop failure, the Bavarians got hungry and wondered if rye bread might not fill their bellies better than rye beer. And that's how it was for the next 500 years, until a handful of deep thinkers like Ed had the courage to challenge history. Pumpernikel be damned: we'll take our rye and yeast in a bottle!

Magpie is one of the very few rye ales brewed in North America.


Magpie is light in body, full in flavour but not too forceful or overpowering. Slightly dry with a distinctive finish, this clean, crisp ale is comprised of rye malt and Wilamette hops, which imbue the brew with complex flavours.


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