Friday, July 22, 2011

Creemore Springs Brewery Limited - Kellerbier

AVB 5%

"Since the middle ages, folks in rural Germany have enjoyed fresh locally brewed beer, straight from the Brewer’s cellar, known as Kellerbier. We brew our Kellerbier in keeping with that same tradition, unfiltered so the beer is naturally cloudy, distinctly flavourful and very refreshing. Special German whole-leaf hops are added late in the process, producing a beer that is wonderfully aromatic with a hint of citrus and spice on the palate. The folks at Creemore Springs are proud to share their love of traditional brewing with you."

the Look - nice rich, deep orange, translucent to the point of opacity. A light dusting of head remains and left lovely lace on the glass.

the Smell - lots on the nose cold, rich earthy, even more as it warms up.

the Taste - just hint of spice, not too much citrus, hint of hops, not too heavy, lingering hoppy on the tongue.

the Feel - this felt surprisingly light in the mouth, I expected a little heavier due to the look. It hits through the middle of your tongue primarily.

Overall - not a beer to leave around your cellar or fridge, no preservatives usually means a 6-8wk shelf life. I found this to be an average if not unremarkable beer. A good introductory beer for your friends that generally drink products from the major brewers. Keep in mind that cellar temp is colder than room temp and warmer than your fridge. Let this beer warm a bit after taking it out of the fridge for the maximal flavour. I'd give this beer a "B".

Available at:
473 mL can $2.95


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