Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Diverting Glass From Landfill Aim of New Bottle Recycling Container Design

Aurora, ON

Available at the Beer Store, Bottle Bin™ helps individuals "do their part" for the environment

A new bottle recycling container is helping to divert glass from needlessly being sent to landfill.

The Bottle Bin™ reusable container helps Ontarians to conveniently store, sort and return their empty wine, beer and spirit bottles. Glass containers are diverted from landfill and consumers are assisted to take full advantage of the Ontario Deposit Return Program (ODRP).

On average, 40% of all glass bottles put in single-stream recycling bins end up in landfill, according to a 2009 Container Recycling Institute study. Recycling glass is a challenge because it has to first be separated by colour and in single-stream programs it is virtually impossible to prevent glass from breaking. Mixed or contaminated glass cannot be recycled; a contributing factor to the implementation of the ODRP in 2007.

"Everyone wants to do their part for the environment," said Chris Williams, Marketing Director of Sustain It Inc. "Most understand the obligation to participate in the Deposit Return Program, just as they do for the Blue Box and Green Bin programs; however, it is not always convenient, or simple, to do so. Bottle Bin™ makes it easy to return bottles and rewards users by putting money back in their pocket. Instead of tossing bottles into regular recycling, consumers can use the Bottle Bin™ container to sort, store and transport their bottles back to The Beer Store knowing their efforts are achieving a 100% recycling rate." The Bottle Bin™ container fits up to 18 standard wine or spirit bottles or 48 standard beer bottles.

"At The Beer Store, we strive to make each visit as convenient as possible for our customers," said Ted Moroz, President of The Beer Store. "The launch of our new Bottle Bin™ is another green initiative that makes it easier for customers to organize and return their empty bottles."

The Beer Store administers the ODRP for wine and spirit containers sold by LCBO, winery and distillery retail stores. The program encourages consumers to return their empty containers for a deposit refund; allowing them to do their part for the environment, while rewarding them financially.

Aurora-based Sustain It Inc. had identified a need to improve the flow of bottles all along the product life chain. The company recently launched the "Bring Your Bottles Back" initiative to help promote solutions to saving energy, conserving resources and reducing waste sent to landfill. Along with developing the Bottle Bin™ container, made of 100% recycled materials, the company has launched a website to help educate consumers on glass recycling.


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