Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mash up at Toronto’s Festival of Beer

Toronto, ON

At Toronto’s Festival of Beer it’s not about which beer is better and many of the brewers will be the first to tell you that.

“We have top notch entertainment, over 150 different beers, great food and of course room for all of your friends, and this year we’re introducing something that is truly unique to this industry – Toronto’s Festival of Beer Mash Up,” said Les Murray, President of Toronto’s Festival of Beer. “Canada’s craft brewers are very passionate and competitive, but they are also collaborative folks and with this new addition to the Festival you can see it firsthand.”

The Mash Up at the Festival, which runs from August 5 – 7 at Toronto’s Bandshell Park, consist of pairing two amazing craft breweries together to create a unique tasting beer from their collective efforts. Each of the four different pairings create a completely new experience that Festival-goers have never tasted before and may never taste again.

The Mash Ups include:

· Beau's All Natural Brewing Company and Black Oak Brewery

· Amsterdam Brewery and Great Lakes Brewery

· Nickel Brook and Flying Monkey's Brewery

· F&M Brewery and Wellington Brewery

Interested Festival-goers will be able to sample each pairing at a dedicated booth so they can experience the specially chosen pairings in one location.

“This type of offering is something that you can only really do in Ontario,” said Murray. “Canadians are known for being adventurous and willing to try new and different taste profiles with raspberry wheat beers, ginger beers, green apple beers or orange peel beers and a Mash Up adds a whole new aspect. Overall we think that this really speaks to Canadians – adventure and beer, what’s more Canadian than that?”

The specifically chosen pairings have been selected with the intention of creating a distinct taste profile that plays off of each brewer’s strengths and forms a pleasing balance.

“There is a really unique collaborative nature within Ontario’s craft brewing industry and how they all work together for the betterment of the beer industry,” said Murray. “The Mash Up is a great example of how these well known breweries can come together and collaborate to provide a new experience for beer lovers.”


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