Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meantime Brewing Company - Coffee Porter

6% ABV

Available in 330ml bottles only. Cold fermented and lagered.
May be known as Coffee Porter.

"Our first formulation of this beer was the first UK brewed beer to carry the Fair trade logo, and although we have reformulated it to create an even better blend better the malt and roast coffee flavours and can no longer get enough coffee in each bottle to qualify for Fair trade status, we are still using the same Fairtrade Araba Bourbon beans from Rwanda’s Abuhuzamugambi Co-operative. At the Meantime Brewing Co we love flavour, so it wasn't exactly difficult for us to see how the scents and aromas of coffee and barley would create a perfect match like just like mint and lamb, toffee and banana, peaches and cream, peanut butter and jam. Serve lightly chilled with as many chocolate truffles as your conscience allows."

The Pour

This porter pours fairly still and almost black. The half finger head is a nice mocha colour and did not stay for long.


The aroma is very sweet and malty. A medium coffee scent is strong enough to smell from a distance.


The taste is heavy on the malt and very strong on coffee. This is a slightly bitter porter with a light carbonation. It has a nice mouth feel with light alcohol coming through at the finish.

Overall impressions

Well this one is definitely for the coffee lovers. Its something to take slowly and best split with two or three people. I would likely be waiting a while before having this again even though I am a coffee drinker. I would rate this porter a 7 out of 10 .


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