Monday, July 11, 2011

OCB Series - Amsterdam Brewing Company - Oranje Weisse

5% ABV

"An ode to our Dutch heritage, Oranje Weisse is a premium, unfiltered white beer. Predominantly brewed with un-malted wheat which gives it a hazy appearance we've also added two types of orange peel, some coriander, and a touch of anise. The result is a unique flavour combination of citrus and light spice. Our signature yeast reveals a complex aroma and slight tartness on the palate. We recommend serving with a slice of orange on the side of the glass to enhance this refreshing seasonal brew.

Do the "Weisse Roll" - Prior to opening, lay the bottle on its side and gently roll back and forth. This will enliven any yeast that has settled naturally on the bottom and give you a complete taste experience. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy."

The Pour

After gently rolling the bottle, the Oranje Weisse poured a light straw like colour. Four fingers

of head formed a peak like crown of super fine, tight white bubbles. Lots of effervescence streaming from the glass. Much more clear than I was expecting;a decent amount of yeast in the bottom of the bottle.


Definitely smells like a weiss should, with a light spiciness and floral note. Hints of citrus and tangerine are also present. Smells light and refreshing.


Very light taste. Drinking it poolside, 30 degrees Celsius outside, and it is incredible refreshing. You do get that light graininess of a wheat beer. There is some breadiness, shredded wheat notes also present. Some yeast spiciness. You can taste the anise and coriander, but it isn't too powerful. Hints of orange. Some dryness with a decent mouthfeel.

Overall Impression

I wouldn't say this beer is heavy on the orange. The orange is a nice accent that work very well with the other spice notes. Note a huge flavour but very light and refreshing; a seasonal that fits summer perfectly. This is a good Weiss. A solid "B".


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