Friday, July 29, 2011

OCB Series - Great Lakes Brewery - Crazy Canuck

Crazy Canuck
ABV 5.2%

"Our version of a west coast pale ale pushes the boundaries much like the crazy canucks of the past. We’ve brewed it for those who enjoy adventure and a departure from the ordinary. The result is a wildly hoppy aroma and lingering bitterness complemented by a soft breadly malt flavour. Raise your glass to the Great White North!"

the Look - poured to a orange/yellow colour, cascading bubbles for the duration with good initial head fading to a lacy cover.

the Smell - definite hoppy notes with that grassy scent.  A citrus bouquet hits as it should during your sips.

the Taste - the expected hoppy bitter was there, lingering appropriately in the mouth, hits and stays on the sides of your tongue.

the Feel - oddly frothy, it left a full feeling in the mouth, but oddly frothy.

Overall - I'd give this beer an "A", not only was it as described, I drank it on a darn hot day and it offered moments of refreshment.  I'd suggest drinking this on a patio, in your yard, when its hot, humid and hazy.

Available at:
473 mL can Price: $ 2.50


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