Thursday, July 7, 2011

OCB Series - Neustadt Springs Brewery - 10W30 Brown Ale

5.5% ABV

"A traditional dark premium English mild beer. Malty, smooth, but not bitter with plenty of flavour."

Awarded a Silver Medal in the 2004 Beer World Cup
Awarded a Silver Medal in the 2004 Canadian Awards

The Pour

This brown ale from Neustadt Springs Brewery, pours a deep mahogany colour with some slight glints dark red . Three fingers of fluffy, mocha head crown the beer. Head sticks to the glass with minimal carbonation streaming.


Lots of roasty sweetness. Some slight bitter coffee. There is also an undertone of a slight metallic hint. Definitely a malt, breadiness to it.


Lots of malt flavours spill over the tongue. Slight coffee undertone. This is not a sweet as I was expecting from the nose. Decent hop bitterness that quickly fades. This beer is a bit dry to the finish as well. Lots of carbonation that fills the mouth aiding that dryness. Not a huge flavour profile or mouthfeel, but pleasant.

Overall Impression

Thankfully the beer is better than their website. A hard brewery to get information on...but I digress. Another example of a decent craft beer brewed right here in Ontario. This isn't going to be the best brown ale you have tasted, but it will be pleasing in appearance, aroma and taste. A good beer for sure. I would give it a B.


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