Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OCB Series - Wellington Brewery - Silver Wheat Ale

Silver Wheat Ale
AVB 4%

"Our award-winning, filtered wheat beer is brewed to be light and refreshing. Silver Wheat Ale is lightly hopped, with a sweet and fruity nose, carried on the strength of a crisp wheat body"

*this beer was provided gratis from Wellington Brewery

the Look - a fairly familiar pale yellow, straw colour, little to no head with whats there lingering on the glass

the Smell - not much there, inhale deeply to try and find the hops or citrus notes.

the Taste - not a "hit you in the face
" wheat, light flavours, little grass

the Feel - this beer feels light in your mouth, not in a flavour sense, but a refreshing, crisp sense. This is not a thick, or heavy ale.

Overall - an excellent ale for the summer patio season, light and crisp, will help take the edge off on hot days. As noted on their website, should also take the edge off hot, spicy foods. I'd give this beer a B-, with the caveat that it will be great for certain situations.

available at:

the Brewery


473 mL can for $ 2.60


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