Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Propeller’s Summer Seasonal Kristall Weizen Returns

Halifax, NS

Propeller Brewing Company is embracing the arrival of summer heat and warm temperatures the return of the brewery’s summer seasonal Propeller Kristall Weizen, a light coloured thirst quenching wheat beer. Propeller introduced this popular summer style last year and it was well received by beer lovers and summer drink shoppers alike.

This week, the brewery releases single serve 500ml bottles of Kristall Weizen to 28 NSLC stores as well as private retailers.

“This time of year you want a lighter, quaffable drink, something you’d pour after mowing the lawn on a 30-degree day” says Bobby Zacharias, Production Manager at Propeller. “Kristall Weizen is the perfect summer drink.”

While summer beers often come with unusual, perhaps even gimmicky flavours Propeller takes a classic approach. Kristall Weizen is a “spinoff” of sorts. It is the filtered version of Propeller’s Hefeweizen. Zacharias explains “filtering this product results in an entirely different drinking experience. The banana and clove characteristics are more subtle in this filtered version.” The style is common in Europe, many producers include both Hefe (unfiltered) and Kristall (filtered) Weizens in their repertoires.

Rotating seasonal offerings are proving successful for Propeller with many NSLC stores selling out of Propeller seasonal releases as fast as they get them on the shelves. “As well as giving more people an opportunity to try brands that have until now have only been available at Gottingen St. brewery, it gives us a chance to experiment with new styles and test the market” Says Andrew Cooper , Sales and Marketing Manager at Propeller.


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