Friday, August 26, 2011

Beau’s All Natural Brewery 4-Pack Wins Design Award

Ottawa, ON

Distinctive beer package recognized with an award from Applied Arts Magazine

Beau’s All Natural Brewing has added another award to their list of accolades — this time not for the beer, but for the packaging. The signature 4-pack Beau’s launched in 2010 was selected to receive a design award from Applied Arts magazine, a Canadian trade publication for the industry. The recognition is in the Wine/Beer/Spirits category.

The Beau’s All Natural 4-pack is certainly unique in the brewing industry, where the typical 6, 12 or 24 carrier for 341 ml industry-standard bottles dominates. It features four custom 600 ml brown glass bottles embossed with the Beau’s logo, tied with a simple ribbon decorating a cardboard carrier. The thick cardboard is die-cut and two-colour print, and features information about the packaging and the brewery, collector’s points, and even contact information for local cab companies.

“The Beau’s brand, to me, has come to represent the people who work here,” says creative director Jordan Bamforth, who conceptualized the design. “When you look at what we put out there, it’s modest, unpretentious, the materials are unconventional – and there’s real a sense of fun to it,” he adds.

The package also emphasizes environmental sustainability, with 17.3 % more beer than a 6-pack, and less waste because fewer bottles, labels and caps are used. Additionally, the 4-pack features treeless paper labels, crown cap bottles (which can be used more times than twist-offs), and non-bleached cardboard that is 100% recycled (75% post-consumer) and totally recyclable.

With two decades of awards experience, the Applied Arts Awards are one of the industry’s most prestigious recognitions of creative excellence. “We are thrilled that Jordan’s design talent is being recognized, and so glad he is part of the Beau’s team,” says Steve Beauchesne, who founded the brewery with his father in 2006.


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