Tuesday, August 2, 2011

St-Ambroise - Pale Ale

5% abv

"St-Ambroise Pale Ale is the brewery’s flagship beer. Introduced in February 1989, it is a hoppy, amber, full-flavoured ale. In the Simon and Schuster Pocket Guide To Beer, beer critic Michael Jackson gave it three stars and described it as: “An outstanding ale… amber-red, clean and appetizing, with a very good hop character, from its bouquet to its long finish. Hoppy, fruity, and tasty all the way through.”

Available in Bottles and Draft

The Pour

This pale ale pours a very nice golden copper colour. Started off with a one inch off white head that quickly disappears to a coarse lacing.

The Aroma

Smells of sweet candy and malt. Some hops and grassy notes in the background.

The Taste

This is a fairly sweet pale ale with light citrus and hop notes. There is a lingering hop aftertaste along with a light grassy taste that matches the aroma. It has a nice carbonation and a light-medium mouth feel, very easy to drink.

Overall Impressions

This was a very nice pale ale from one of Canada's best breweries. This ale is something to consider trying if you are bored of the "everyday brands". It is well balanced and very easy to drink, a nice patio beer for sure! I would rate this ale a 9 out of 10


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