Saturday, October 15, 2011

Box Steam Brewery - Funnel Blower

4.5% ABV

"Formerly known as Vanilla Porter. Renamed in 2009.Dark brown in colour, with a subtle vanilla aroma. The vanilla sweetness contrasts nicely with the slight bitterness from the roasted barley and chocolate malts"

The Pour

Poured from a bottle with a nice darker brown, caramel colour, like Coca-Cola. A generous two fingers of tan / khaki head form with nice tight bubbles. Lots of lacing and silky looking peaks are present as the head subsides.


Light coca, vanilla and mocha notes are present. The hops are very faint and somewhat earthy. Almost desert like sweetness to it. Vanilla is the dominating note.


Very light mouthfeel. The vanilla and mocha notes hit hard then virtually disappear. Very slight lingering to the top of the mouth. Almost like a watered down vanilla coke taste with lots of sweetness present.

Overall impressions

This is an okay porter. Very light in ABV, very light in flavour, very light in mouthfeel. Nothing is unpleasant, just not overly exciting. When drinking this I found myself hoping it would be "bigger". But alas it is a Porter and not a Stout. I would give this a "C".


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