Monday, October 17, 2011

Charities Receive Boost from Oktoberfest Fundraising

Ottawa, ON

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company has announced totals on the funds raised at their Oktoberfest event, held two weekends ago in Vankeek Hill at the fairgrounds. Thanks to the 10,000 people who attended, more than $60,000 was raised for various charities over three days.

Each year Beau’s pre-selects three charities as primary beneficiaries of the Oktoberfest fundraising: one national, one food-related, and one local. The 2011 selections were The Canadian Red Cross, Good Food Revolution, and the Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society.

The Canadian Red Cross and Good Food Revolution will share $42,000 evenly ($21,000 each), to put towards their good work. The Red Cross is well known as a leading humanitarian organization, and Good Food Revolution is a not-for-profit with a mandate to educate Canadians about artisanal food in Ontario, Canada, and around the world.

“We're extremely thankful for Beau's support, and proud and honoured to have been a part of the amazing community of people dedicated to craft beer and artisanal food who came together at Oktoberfest,” says Good Food Media’s Executive Director Malcolm Jolley. “We'll use the funds to continue to spread this spirit and educate Canadians about the benefits and pleasures of well-made natural foods, and tell the amazing stories of the people who make them.”

Locally, the Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society will receive a supporting donation from Oktoberfest money raised of $10,000 to put towards their endeavours for the upcoming year. Beer expert and author Stephen Beaumont, who was part of the Speakers Series at Oktoberfest, waived his appearance fee in lieu of a $2,000 donation to the MS Society of Canada.

In addition, the Hawkesbury Hospital Foundation raised $2,400 onsite. A group called Unshaven Mavens rounded up $3,000 for Rethink Breast Cancer by getting festival organizers to shave their heads, and the Vankleek Hill Cougars minor hockey team raised several hundred dollars for their organization as well. Finally $865 was raised for the benefit of Danny Gauthier, a local child with a rare genetic condition.

“We’re thrilled with how well the festival went this year, and especially with the success of the fundraising,” says Beau’s All Natural co-founder Stephen Beauchesne. “Back in April Beau’s All Natural set an aggressive fundraising target for 2011/2012 of $150,000. With the Oktoberfest totals in we’re now at $125,000 donated to charitable works, community building and independent arts this year — so we’re definitely in sight of our goal.”


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