Monday, October 17, 2011

"Coast to Coast Toast" Celebrates Belgian Styled Brews

Vanberg & DeWulf Celebrate 30 years of bringing Belgian goodness to the masses with the "Coast to Coast Toast".

November 15, 2011 – King’s Day in Belgium – marks the official day (and night) of the Coast to Coast Toast celebration for the 30th Anniversary of the founding of Vanberg & DeWulf. That’s when we started proselytizing on behalf of the Land of Gambrinus. Ever and always our mission has been to support independent family run breweries and indigenous beer styles that express the spirit of a place.

Though it may be our anniversary, at its heart, the Coast to Coast Toast is a salute to YOU, the Heroes of the Good Beer Movement, who have fought the battle for good beer over the years. We raise a glass to you, the people who’ve built the places patrons love to frequent and to recommend. You are the “cock-eyed” optimists who opened outposts in towns large and small when - in most cases - there was very little evidence that doing so made much business sense. Our business thrived and grew because you made our cause your cause too. Look how far we’ve come: what was once arcane and improbable is now celebrated as classic and worthy of imitation.

To help you throw your party, we’ve put together a Belgian Coast to Coast Toast Toolkit.
This will evolve between now and November 15. It will include goodies you can choose
from (the official approved beer lists, snack, music, cocktails, trivia quizzes, emails you
can send to your patrons, company history, coasters, posters, etc.) to make the party
uniquely YOU.


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