Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Muskoka Cottage Brewery - Harvest Ale


"Available: September 1st - November 1st , Muskoka Harvest Ale was our brewery’s pioneering venture into seasonal beers. Now in its third year, our Harvest Ale marks the end of the growing season and the process of gathering mature crops from the fields.

Dry hopped and brewed using a selection of premium local ingredients, this ale has a rich malt backbone and a subtle grassy character reminiscent of the freshly cut harvest. It’s our way of celebrating another prosperous growing season. And we’re proud to share it with you."

The Pour

Poured for a 750mL swing top bottle, the harvest ale is full of Autumnal colour; a deep rusty, orangy brown. There is some hop or chill haze present. Plenty of carbonation and a generous three fingers of tan coloured head.


Earth, grassy notes are present. Plenty of malt biscuitiness. Sweet tones are complimented by a slight spice. Very pleasant.


Very rich and flavourful. A very solid malt backbone is rewarded with a piney hop flavour. In the finish, there is a grassy bitterness that balances off the sweetness nicely.

Overall Impressions

This is another solid beer from Muskoka. With a clean label, great overall packaging and wonderful beer, this brewery is really coming into its own. A great example of a Harvest Ale. I love it when Fall arrives because it really seems to be the time for complex beers with big bold flavours to be released. Keep them coming! I would give this an "A".


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