Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stella Artois Crowns Canadian Draught Master

Toronto, ON

After the purification and beheading took place, a victor was crowned at the Stella Artois Canadian Draught Master competition. Last night, eight Canadians across the country dueled it out for the title of Canadian Draught Master in a head-to-head style pouring competition. However, only one competitor showed the ultimate mastery of the perfectly poured chalice of Stella Artois. Clement Beauchesne from Montreal beat out seven other competitors to represent Canada at the World Draught Master competition in Buenos Aires on October 26, 2011.

I'm so thrilled to be the Stella Artois Canadian Draught Master! There were so many great competitors at the event and to be the top Canadian representing our country in Buenos Aires is a huge honour," said Beauchesne, 2011 Stella Artois Canadian Draught Master. "From the regional event in Montreal to the national competition in Toronto, this event was awesome and I look forward to taking home first place in Argentina."

Following Beauchesne, was runner-up Jim Armstrong from London, Ontario and third place winner Catherine Lavergnefrom St. Albert, Quebec.

The competition pitted eight regional draught masters from across Canada against each other in a bracket-style pour-off. Competitors received coaching prior to the competition from Chris Myers, Stella Artois 2010 World Draught Master, who was on site to provide support and advice to competitors.

"The Stella Artois Draught Master is about more than pouring a good beer. It speaks to the quality, care and craftsmanship that go into producing the perfect Stella Artois from the brewing phase, right through to the delivery of the iconic Stella Artois chalice," said Myers.

The Stella Artois Draught Master is founded on the Nine-Step Pouring Ritual - a series of nine steps, each of which serves a specific purpose in achieving a perfectly poured pint. For instance, step one - 'The Purification' - requires the chalice to be rinsed with cold water to ensure the glass reaches the same temperature as the beer. Step six - 'The Beheading' - is the step where the pourer gently cuts the head on a 45-degree angle as it flows over the edge of the glass. This eliminates the larger bubbles that burst easily and accelerate the dissipation of the head.

During the competition, each and every step of the Nine-Step Pouring Ritual was assessed on a scale of zero to 10 (perfect) to determine the picture perfect pint of Stella Artois pint at completion.


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