Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brick Brewery brings North American Breweries Craft Brewed Beers to Canada

Waterloo, ON

Brick Brewing Company announced today it will start importing and distributing select North American Brewery beers into Canada. Included within the mix is Magic Hat; craft brewed in Vermont, this quirky and mysterious brand is currently the 10th largest craft brand in the United States and 3rd largest in the Northeast USA.

"As Ontario's original craft brewer, we were determined to share Magic Hat with beer drinkers in Canada" said George Croft President and CEO of Brick Brewing Co. Limited.

A long-term arrangement between North American Breweries, the fifth largest craft brewer in the U.S. and Brick Brewing Company, the fifth largest brewer in Canada, will see many more popular out-of-the-ordinary, distinctively different easy-drinking craft brewed beers introduced into Canada over the coming years.

"Not unlike the recent growth we've observed with our own US craft brewed beers, we've also witnessed tremendous growth within the Canadian craft beer market" said Rich Lozyniak, CEO of North American Breweries "So naturally we're excited to give Canadians an opportunity to try our US craft beers" added Lozyniak.

Together, North American Breweries and Brick Brewing Company will significantly expand the choice of U.S. craft beers available to beer drinkers in Canada. For all of those people who have travelled to the States, sampled a great craft beer and wished they could get it back home in Canada: consider this the start of something great.


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