Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dieu du Ciel to Host First International "Péché Day"

Announced on the official Dieu du Ciel Facebook page;

"In October 2001, to everyone’s delight, Dieu du Ciel created the Péché Mortel. For 10 years, this mouth watering beer, which affects all of our senses, has rejoiced our pallets, warmed our hearts, inspired our souls and made memorable each and every one of our parties. For 10 years, the Péché Mortel has been an essential staple in the diets of the waiters and waitresses during their time at Dieu du Ciel!

That’s why we cannot keep this anniversary under wraps!

We have long thought of hosting an international “Journée Péché” (Sin Day) where many bars around the world would celebrate the Péché Mortel. The tenth anniversary of the creation of this beer seems like the perfect opportunity to launch this event. Albeit a modest start, with only one event in Montreal, we’d nevertheless like to invite you the first international “Péché Day" (or, if you will, "Sin Day") to be celebrated"

Starting at 3pm.

On the menu:
1) Péché Mortel Montréal special edition with CO2
2) Péché Mortel Montréal special edition with N2
3) Our usual Péché Mortel
4) Péché Mortel bourbon 2011
5) Péché Mortel aged 13 months
6) CASK Péché Mortel bourbon 2011
7) CASK Usual Péché aged 6 months
8) A variety of bottled aged Péché Mortel (about 30 bottles)

Welcome to all!



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