Monday, November 21, 2011

Leffe Radieuse 2009

8.2% ABV

"Leffe Radieuse - Abbey of Leffe Radieuse is a highly fermented beer to be savoured. The ingredients are dark malt, corn, water, hops and spices (coriander, among others) and yeast which give it a bronze colour. The alcohol content is 8.2 %, the ideal serving temperature is 5° to 6 °C and the service ritual is that of bottled beers to be savoured. Leffe Radieuse has the taste of a rich and earthy bouquet with a creamy head. The taste is powerful where the fruity, the sweet, a hint of roasting and the dryness of the hops are apparent. The after-taste is long and warm. It is a very complex beer, that is to say, a beer for Epicureans!"


This ale pours a reddish orange colour with a one finger off white head. The head is gone within seconds and leaves some coarse legs behind.


The aroma has a sweet malty scent with a spicy grassy note. I also detect a little alcohol.


The taste is sweet with dark fruit and has a bitter grassy finish. It has a fine carbonation and a medium mouth feel.


My overall impression of this ale was quite nice. It's very complex and balanced. If you
enjoy the Abby ales this is one to consider.I hope the LCBO stocks this again this year.This Abby brewery has many great ales to try. I would rate this ale an 8 out of 10.


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