Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scotch Irish Brewing - John By Imperial Stout 2009

8.5 % ABV

"Our John By Imperial Stout is so deep brown in colour you might as well say it is black. This ale’s powerful malt flavour is not overwhelmed by its alcohol content. Just the thing to ward off the cold of a Canadian winter."

The Pour

This stout pours a deep dark brown almost black. It has course three finger mocha head with noticeable lacing.

The Aroma

The aroma is on the light side with a little sweet malt and coffee notes.

The Taste

The taste was roasted malt, mildly sweet with some dark fruits. It has a medium mouth feel with a sour finish.

Overall Impressions

I had aged this stout for a short while even though the brewery had told me it wasn't going to age. This seemed to fit all the conditions of a beer worth cellaring. It was a imperial stout 8.5% ABV so I though I would try it. The out come had no noticeable benefits. I enjoyed the stout however it was not as good as some of the heavy hitters. I think the aging may have contributed to the sour taste. Now that the brewery has been purchased by Kichesippi Beer Co. I am not sure if they will still brew this stout. I would rate this a 7.5 out of 10.


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