Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Microbrasserie Charlevoix - Dominus Vobiscum Triple

ABV 9% (Bottled)

“Our TRIPLE is an eloquent and generous golden ale with fresh hop aromas and warming alcohol. Wrapped up in a wealthy body that lures you into a delicately bitter finish. Perfectly balanced this sumptuous ale is as complex as it is highly drinkable.”


Dominus vobiscum, a Latin phrase meaning "The Lord be with you".

From Wikipedia : “Tripel is a term used by brewers mainly in the Low Countries, some other European countries, and the USA to describe a strong pale ale, loosely in the style of Westmalle Tripel.[1] The origin of the term is unknown, though the main theory is that it indicates strength in some way.

The Pour

This beer pours clear golden/orange and is alive with bubbles in true Belgian style. It pours a one finger head that quickly dissipates. My pour was at cellar temperature.


This ale is a feast for the nose as well as the palate. The aroma is extremely sweet and malty with some definite baked bread, citrus, mango and banana aromas coming through. It almost has the nose of one of those fruit puree tropical cocktails by V8.


This ale hits the mouth with lots of carbonation. Almost a little too much to my taste. However, the overall feel is cool, smooth and refreshing with a light body and lingering hoppy bitterness on the finish as well as in the aftertaste which is quite sticky in the mouth. The flavor itself is mild and there is a little alcoholic warmth but its hidden very well for a 9% tipple.

Overall Impressions

Overall I would say this is a very solid high alcohol ale. I would almost call it dangerous as it is so easily drinkable. I would keep a couple bottles around to surprise lucky guests with how a high alcohol ale can be just as drinkable as the big name brands, only much more complex and tasty. I give this ale a B+.


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