Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Garrison Launches Six Specialty Brews for the Holiday Season

Halifax, NS

This week, Garrison releases the latest version of Grand Baltic Porter - two time gold medal winner at both the Canadian Brewing Awards and World Beer Championships. This nine per cent sipper is just one of six limited edition beers the brewery will launch by mid December.

"The Maritime market has been very receptive to experimental and seasonal brews," said brewery President, Brian Titus, "Particularly those highlighting local ingredients and traditional recipes." Each brand is unique. Many have received considerable acclaim in the past. One of the more unusual, Spruce Beer, sold out last year in an unprecedented 35 hours, leaving many unable to try this historic brew.
The seasonal releases are as follows:
  • Winter Warmer - A strong dark amber beer brewed with spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove) evocative of the holiday season.
  • Martello Stout - Heavily roasted malts make this dark brew uncompromisingly bold.
  • Grand Baltic Porter - Originally brewed in countries bordering the Baltic Sea and derived from English porters, this complex lager is brewed with dates and blackstrap molasses.
  • Black IPA - This legendary hop-forward style with a big roasted malt base.
  • Spruce Beer – Complex and full-bodied, this centuries-old brew balances the fresh aroma's of Spruce with the warming flavours of molasses and bittersweet chocolate.
  • PiLs - A premium European lager drawing inspiration from several classic styles, blending Czech Saaz hops, German lager yeast and Bluenose spirit!
All six beers can be purchased directly from the brewery and at select private stores while supplies last.

For details, visit www.garrisonbrewing.com.


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