Monday, January 9, 2012

Brasseurs Illimités - Simple Malt Impériale Stout

8.1% ABV

"Velvety black as night, rich, creamy, with aromas of dark chocolate, with flavors of bittersweet chocolate."

The Pour

Poured from a 341mL bottle, this beer is like liquid dark chocolate with an espresso head. Completely opaque with about a half finger of head. This dissipated very quickly.


Nice notes of cocoa and dark bittersweet chocolate dominate the nose. Also hints of toffee and roasted espresso beans present. Some smokiness. Very pleasant smelling beer.


Nice rich flavours. Silky smooth mouthfeel. Bitter dark chocolate and bitter coffee flavours without being too strong. Quite lovely.

Overall Impression

This is yet another delicious treat from "La Belle Province". Brewers there seem to have no problem showing how to brew a proper stout. Big flavour, very nice mouthfeel. You can sip away on this for a while. We balanced and super smooth. A very solid Imperial Stout. I would give it an "A".


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