Friday, January 20, 2012

February 25th, International Going Monk Day!

The folks at "Drunken History" want everyone to help celebrate International Going Monk Day! Do your part to help raise awareness of this important issue. Make sure you participate February 25th.

"Did you know that Monks introduced hops to beer? Did you know they also created many of the earliest and best recipes for quality beer at a time when other brewers were literally brewing with twigs and bark (okay, as elements to gruit, a replacement for hops).

The problem is that there has never been anything done to recognize the historically significant contributions made by monks, abbeys and monasteries.

We’d like to change that. We’re asking beer drinkers to set aside February 25th as a day to recognize monks for their contributions to brewing. Some friends of ours—the owner of Piasan’s Bar in Freemont Ohio actually—gave us the idea, and he’s calling the day International Going Monk Day (a focus on the fact that most monks were allowed at least 4 liters of beer per day, good reason to “go monk”).

But people can call it whatever they want. The point is that it’s the one day of the year beer lovers can think about all the work men of the cloth put into the stuff they drink.

We hope you’ll help by spreading the word, posting an article or note to your readers, at the very least so they can investigate this history themselves.

To help educate people, we at Drunken History produced a short documentary that briefly explains the history of monastic and abbey brewing. We hope you enjoy!"


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