Thursday, January 12, 2012

Local Brewery’s “Beer for Solar Power” Program Continues with New Beer Release

Ottawa, ON

Beau's fall beer Dunkelbuck, now aged in bourbon barrels, available tomorrow in limited quantities.

Members in Beau's All Natural's Greener Futures Program will be issued the newest beer in the series Thursday January 12, a dunkelweizen bock brewed last fall and aged since then in bourbon barrels. Only 400L of this beer has been produced, and is available first and foremost to members of Beau's Greener Futures Program, which began in 2011.

The program is a beer club/co-operative. Club members are entitled to 30 bourbon/rye barrel aged beers (10 x 600ml bottles per year) over 3 years, at a membership fee of $300. The fees will be used to install solar panels on the 30,000 sq. ft roof of the brewery. Greener Futures releases are slated approximately every 6-8 weeks. Currently overflow amounts are being sold to the public, but once membership fills in to the full 600, these beers will only be available through the club.

In recognition of the innovation the program represents, Beau’s Greener Futures Beer for Solar Power was chosen by the Globe and Mail as one of the “10 Ideas that Changed Food in 2011.”
Bourbon aged Dunkelbuck will be available while quantities last through BYBO, the Ottawa-based home beer delivery service, as well as direct from the brewery in Vankleek Hill. The 600 ml bottles retail for $12 including tax and deposit. For information on membership in the Greener Futures Program go to, or call 1-866-585-BEER.


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