Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark... Lager

Halifax, NS

The second One Hit Wonder Limited Release for 2012 Propeller Munich Style Dark Lager will be available March 1st at the Propeller Shop in Growlers only.

Early lagers were mainly dark in colour until the 1840’s. Dunkel (Dunkel is the German word meaning dark) is a traditional style made famous by brewers in Munich. These highly drinkable dark brews remained the staple of Bavaria until the later part of the 19th century, when advancements in malting technology made pale malt widely available. Lighter-coloured lagers that now dominate the beer world were not common until that time.

Propeller Munich Style Dark Lager features deep mahogany hues with a clean lager nose. The flavours are rich and malty, accompanied by traditional German Noble hops gently asserting themselves while balancing the malt profile. This beer features a roundness and cleanness inspired by the lager yeast with a slight hint of chocolate in the finish. The long aging period and low bitterness make this brew very smooth and drinkable.

About the One Hit Wonder Limited Release Series: On the first of each month beginning February Propeller Brewing Company will release a unique one off brew. One Hit Wonder’s are only available in the popular Growler format at the Propeller retail store known locally as “The Prop Shop”, 2015 Gottingen St. Halifax Nova Scotia. The brewery will continue this limited release series until the busy summer season begins.


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