Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Medal Wins for King Brewery at World Beer Championships

Nobleton, ON

King Brewery's "Three Kings" Christmas Gift Box Wins Silver and Bronze Medals in the 2011 World Beer Championships Packaging Competition

King Brewery's "Three Kings" gift box won the silver medal in the Creativity category and bronze medal in the Form category in the 2011 World Beer Championships Packaging Competition.

"It's great to see that a smaller craft brewery can beat out larger commercial breweries in this highly competitive market" said Bryan Watts, King Brewery's Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. The Christmas seasonal sample package housed three of King’s signature lagers, the Pilsner, Vienna Lager and Dark Lager and included a matched King Beer glass.

Working closely with their packaging designer Walter Leipurts of WL Design Inc. the King marketing team designed a package that would stand out on retail shelves, clearly explaining the unique qualities of the product and provided the consumer with a souvenir lager drinking glass that brings out the best qualities of the product.

"Fans of our beer think the sample pack as a great way to share their favorite drink with friends. It gives consumers the ability to sample each of the award winning King Lagers and pick their favorite", said Watts.


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