Monday, March 19, 2012

“Patio Saison” Beer Arrives in April: Stay Tuned for Details

Ottawa, ON

Snappy new beer from Beau’s All Natural will Spring Up on 30 Patios across Ontario on the first day in April forecast to be +18 degrees C and Sunny

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company is turning the decision-making over to Mother Nature when it comes to the release date of a new Wild Oats release. The beer, called “Patio Saison” will spring up on licensed patios in Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and Toronto on the first day in each region after April 1 forecast to be at least 18 degrees C and sunny. With the warm weather Ontario has already received so far in March, patrons can expect to ring in Patio Saison pretty early in April.

“We wanted to celebrate the return of patio weather with something unique this year, and thought it would be fun to launch a beer in different cities and multiple patios, based on the local weather forecast,” says brewery co-founder Steve Beauchesne. “Being able to sit in the sunshine and sip a beer with friends after being cooped up indoors all winter is worth a bit of hoop-la, we thought,” adds Beauchesne.

The saison style beer has its origins in the Wallonia region of Belgium. Traditionally this beer was brewed to slake the thirst of farmhands during harvest time, so it makes a perfect companion to the warmer weather. At 5.9% abv, the crisp and refreshing ale displays peppery notes in harmony with citrus zest, intriguing floral aromas and a pleasant clove flavour. It has a snappy taste and a dry finish.

Patio Saison will not be sold through the brewery or online, but instead served by the glass on the following 30 patios across Ontario, sometime in April, based on local weather forecast for +18 and sunny:

TORONTO: The Rhino, Cloak and Dagger, Bar Volo, Victory Café, La Societe, Bryden’s, Grapefruit Moon, Smokeless Joes, Burger Bar, Rebel House, The Local, Bellevue Café, Ceili Cottage, The Only Café, House on Parliament, The Brain, Stout Irish Pub

OTTAWA: Heart and Crown Preston, Heart and Crown Byward, Lieutenant’s Pump, Arrow and Loon, Irene’s, Whispers

EASTERN ONTARIO: Barley Mow (Almonte), Beau’s Brewery & Windsor Tavern (Vankleek Hill), Cheshire Cat (Carp), Schnitzels (Cornwall)

CENTRAL ONTARIO: Elements (Peterborough), Trattorio Gusto (Port Hope), Kingston Brewing Co. (Kingston)

Those who are curious to know when Patio Season will launch on a nearbt patio this April can watch the Beau’s website (, which will be tracking and updating local weather forecasts to predict when Patio Saison will be announced in each region, and a formal announcement will be made the day of.


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