Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Palm Breweries - Palm Ale

Palm Ale
ABV 5.4% (Bottled - 330ml)

The Brewery

The earliest records of what would become the Palm breweries of today, are from 1597!

From the Bottle

"PALM is Belgium's amber beer.  The special malt give sit honey-like mellowness, its own yeasts provide a frutiy aroma and arome hop grown in Kent gives its refined character."

The Motto

"The sociable beer for every day, for everyone."

 The Pour

Lots of nice looking carbonation with a golden/amber colour with small bubbly head.  It certainly looks refreshing.


Now I've had a bit of allergies this spring, so I may be off, but I wasn't getting a lot here.  It was light and malty sweet with a bit of whiskey which I thought was a nice touch.  I also got a bit of aluminum, not sure where that came from.


This brew is very light bodied with a nice mouth feel and a hint of malty caramel sweetness.  I couldn't detect much or any hops which I feel would have given this beer a needed kick.   However it did have a refreshing frothiness that fills your mouth when you swish which had me coming back for more sips. 

Overall Impressions

Overall I'd say this is a standard session ale.  It's very carbonated and fresh in appearance and mouthfeel, and light enough in taste and body that you could have a few before you really start to think about changing things up.  I think their motto from above really says it all.  They know their product and they know their market.  This ones definitely not out to impress the beer geeks, but does the job its made for quite well.  For that I'll give it some leeway and say C+.  Nothing remarkable, but they cop to the fact that it's not meant to be.  I would grab a pint of this sometime no problem.

* Stay tuned for my reviews of 2 of Ontario's big spring releases, Amsterdam's Spring Bock and Southern Tier's Un*Earthly, in the coming weeks!


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