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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pump House Brewery - Muddy River Stout

4.8 ABV

"Our oatmeal stout is deep midnight black coloured with a roasty aroma of malts, espresso and chocolate. Full and velvety with more sweet flavours of malt, coffee and chocolate as suggested in the aroma. Lightly acidic with a big finish, oatmeal surely isn’t just for breakfast anymore!"

The Pour

On tap at the Pump House Brewery brew pub, this tasty treat was poured through a creaming plate.  A black beauty of a stout and completely opaque. The silky looking tan head dissipates slowly.


Rich coffee and dark chocolate dominate the malt sweetness that seeps through. The nose seems intense considering it's overly cool temperate and low ABV. 


Not huge in mouthfeel, still silky and coffee forward. The dark chocolate flavours add to the roasty malts, balancing their sweetness with some nice bitterness.  Surprisingly rich for a non imperial stout. 

Overall Impressions

Quite nice...I will patiently sip away at this so it can be enjoyed at an appropriate temperature.  Just a couple of blocks from my hotel in Moncton, The Pump House Brewery has some solid beers and a great atmosphere. As it warmed, the flavours had more punch.  This stout is very enjoyable if a little thin in mouthfeel.  I would give it a solid B.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Frangelic Mountain Brown To Be Founders Brewing Co.’s Second Backstage Series Release in 2012

Grand Rapids, MI 

Founders Brewing Co.’s Co-Founder and Vice President of Brand & Education, Dave Engbers, announced today that Frangelic Mountain Brown would be the next release in the brewery’s 750mL Backstage Series, with availability beginning in July.

Part of what makes Founders Backstage Series so much fun, for both the brewery and consumers, is the period of speculation before the next release is announced. But the purpose of the series is to bring some of Founders’ most sought-after beers, which have been available primarily in the taproom and at a few select events, to a much larger audience. Frangelic Mountain Brown will be the fourth release in the series, joining Blushing Monk and Canadian Breakfast Stout from 2011 and Curmudgeon’s Better Half, which was released in February of this year.

Frangelic Mountain Brown is the quintessential taproom “one-off” beer: Founders’ brewers created the Mountain Brown series for their taproom in Grand Rapids in 2007. Frangelic Mountain Brown is the 16th iteration in the series of popular brown ales—and it likely won’t be the last. The singular characteristic of this beer comes from the use of hazelnut coffees in the brewing process. The beer has distinct aromatics with sweet and nutty flavors beautifully balanced. Founders is known for its beers made with coffee (i.e., the Breakfast Stout series), but this is both the brewery’s first brown ale and its first beer brewed with hazelnut coffees to be bottled. It clocks in at 9% ABV.

“The goal of the Backstage Series is to allow those beer enthusiasts who don’t have the ability to make it to our taproom an opportunity to experience some of the beers that, historically, have been limited to our taproom and a handful of high exposure events,” Engbers said. “Although these beers are not brewed in large volume, it is our intention to distribute them to all of our markets.”

While there will not be an official release party for Frangelic Mountain Brown at the brewery's taproom in Grand Rapids, the beer will be available on draft in the taproom beginning Monday, July 2. The focus of bottle sales will be in Founders' distribution footprint.

The next beer to be released in the series later this year will be a celebration of the brewery’s fifteenth anniversary, though the beer's style is yet-to-be revealed. The release party for this beer in November will be Founders' first to require advance tickets. The KBS release party in spring of 2013 is expected to be an even larger festival-type event--be on the lookout for more detail to come.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ontario + Quebec Micros Create an “Interprovincial” Beer

Ottawa, ON

Beau’s All Natural Brewery and Microbrasserie Trou Du Diable launch their first collaboration “Fous Allies”, a fruity, crisp Saison style infused with mango juice

Eastern Ontario’s Beau’s All Natural Brewing and Shawinigan, Québec’s Microbrasserie Trou Du Diable will launch a cross-border collaboration brew this week. Fous Alliés (“Crazy Allies”), a mango-juice infused Saison style beer, will be available in Ontario only, direct from Beau’s retail store in Vankleek Hill, and in Ottawa through BYBO home delivery ( 2,500 limited edition 600 ml bottles will be made available beginning Thursday May 24, and will retail for $7.85. Select restaurants and pubs across Ontario will also have Fous Alliés on tap to enjoy.

“Fous Alliés is based on a classic, refreshing and snappy Saison style, with an intriguing fruit twist,” explains Beau’s brewmaster Matthew O’Hara, who designed the beer in collaboration with Trou Du Diable’s André Trudel. “Fous Alliés was fermented a second time with the addition of organic mango juice, then we added more mango juice to really capture the true fruit essence.”

Expect tropical fruit aroma with peppery notes on first experiencing Fous Alliés; the flavour is also fruity and faintly tart, with a pleasant, dry finish. Lively carbonation and hints of white pepper accentuate the fruity character. Delicious mango flavour adds complexity, slight earthiness, and playfulness to the presentation. A quaffable 4.4%, O’Hara suggests pairing Fous Alliés with ceviche, pad thai, classic Belgian frites, or any soft, creamy cheeses such as cammenbert, or brie, e.g. brie baked with cranberry.

This is the third release in Beau’s Friendship series, a collection dedicated to collaborative brews with talented and innovative brewers from around the world. This is the first time Ontario and Québec craft brewers have teamed up to create a collaborative beer at a production brewery, and in August these two will team up again: O’Hara will head to Shawinigan to work with Trudel to brew something there for the Trou Du Diable local following.

 “We have a lot of respect for the people at Beau's, both as brewers and also the way they do business. This project is historic, and symbolic — but above all, we’re friends and this collaboration was about having fun together,” says Isaac Tremblay of Microbrassie Trou Du Diable. “We hope everyone enjoys it.”

A tasting event and official launch of Fous Alliés will take place this Saturday evening, May 26 from 5-8 pm at Beau’s All Natural Brewery in Vankleek Hill. Groups from both Beau’s and Trou Du Diable will be on hand to sample the beer and talk about this unique collaboration. The Beau’s patio will be open (weather permitting), and food will be served up by VKH locals The Cougar’s Den.

Fous Alliés will be available for purchase in 600 ml bottles from the brewery beginning Thursday May 24, at 10 am. Presales for home delivery in Ottawa beginning May 24 are available now, through the online BYBO service ( Next month Beau’s will release #4 in the Friendship series: ice wine infused and wine-barrel-aged Venskab, brewed with Scandinavian brewer Anders Kissmeyer.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ontario Crowns it’s favourite Beers and Brew Masters at the 9th Annual Brewing Awards

Toronto, ON

The results are in for the 9th Annual Ontario Brewing Awards presented by Toronto’s Festival of Beer!

The Gold, Silver and People’s Choice Awards, presented at Beer Academy in Toronto, were given out by Roger Mittag, the “Professor of Beer” on Thursday, May 17th. 

The annual award ceremony has become a tradition for beer lovers around the province, giving them a chance to meet the people that make their favourite brews as well as allowing them to test out something entirely new.

The following are this year’s winners for the 9th Annual Ontario Brewing Awards:

North American Light Lager

Gold: Cool Beer Brewing Company - Stonewall Light

Silver: Labatt - Rolling Rock Extra Pale

North American Lager

Gold: Labatt - Blue

Silver: Hogsback Brewing Company - Vintage Lager

People’s Choice: Hogsback Brewing Company - Vintage Lager

European Style Lager (Pilsner)

Gold: King Brewery - Pilsner

Silver: Kichesippi Beer Co. - Natural Blonde

People’s Choice: Kichesippi Beer Co. - Natural Blonde

Amber Lager

Gold: Cool Beer Brewing Company - Millennium Buzz

Silver: Great Lakes Brewery - Red Leaf Smooth Red Lager

People’s Choice: Nickel Brook Beers - Märzenbier Bavarian Style Red

Dark Lager

Gold: Cameron’s Brewing Co. - Cameron’s Dark 266

Silver: King Brewery - Dark Lager

People’s Choice: Mill Street Brewery -


Gold: Amsterdam Brewery - Spring Bock

Silver: Cameron's Brewing Co. - Cameron’s Deviator Doppelbock

People’s Choice: Amsterdam Brewery - Spring Bock

Honey/Maple Beers

Gold: F&M Brewery - Stone Hammer Maple Red Ale

Silver: Railway City Brewing Company - Honey Elixir

People’s Choice: F&M Brewery - Stone Hammer Maple Red Ale

German Style Wheat Beer

Gold: Denison’s Brewing Company - Weissbier

Silver: Magnotta Brewery - True North Wonder Weisse

People’s Choice: Denison’s Brewing Company - Weissbier

Belgian Style Wheat Beer

Gold: Amsterdam Brewery - Oranje Weiss

Silver: Mill Street Brewery - Belgian Style Wit

People’s Choice: Amsterdam Brewery - Oranje Weiss

Cream Ale

Gold: Muskoka Brewery - Cream Ale

Silver: Grand River Brewing - 1913 Traditional

People’s Choice: Muskoka Brewery - Cream Ale

British Pale Ale

Gold: Black Oak Brewing Company - Pale Ale

Silver: Grand River Brewing - Plowman’s Ale

People’s Choice: Grand River Brewing - Plowman’s Ale

North American Pale Ale

Gold: Nickel Brook Beers - Naughty Neighbour Pale Ale                   

Silver: Great Lakes Brewery - Crazy Canuck Pale Ale

People’s Choice: Black Creek Historic Brewery - Pale Ale

British IPA

Gold: Grand River Brewing - Curmudgeon IPA

Silver: Mill Street Brewery - India Pale Ale

People’s Choice: Mill Street Brewery - India Pale Ale

North American IPA

Gold: Cameron’s Brewing Co. - Cameron’s Rye Pale Ale

Silver: Muskoka Brewery - Mad Tom IPA

People’s Choice: Cameron’s Brewing Co. - Cameron’s Rye Pale Ale

Amber Ale

Gold: Amsterdam Brewery - Big Wheel Deluxe Amber

Silver: The Clocktower Brew Pub - Clocktower Red

People’s Choice: Amsterdam Brewery - Big Wheel Deluxe Amber

Dark Ale

Gold: Muskoka Brewery - Dark Ale

Silver: Black Oak Brewing Company - Nut Brown Ale

People’s Choice: Black Oak Brewing Company - Nut Brown Ale


Gold: Mill Street Brewery - Coffee Porter

Silver: Black Oak Brewing Company - Nutcracker Porter

People’s Choice: Mill Street Brewery - Coffee Porter


Gold: F&M Brewery - Stone Hammer Oatmeal Coffee Stout

Silver: Railway City Brewing Company - Black Coal Stout

People’s Choice: F&M Brewery - Stone Hammer Oatmeal Coffee Stout

Imperial Stout

Gold: Wellington Brewery - Wellington Imperial Russian Stout

Silver: Nickel Brook Beers - Bolshevik Bastard Imperial Stout

People’s Choice: Wellington Brewery - Wellington Imperial Russian Stout

Fruit Beer

Gold: Amsterdam Brewery - Framboise

Silver: The Clocktower Brew Pub - Raspberry Wheat

People’s Choice: Amsterdam Brewery - Framboise

Flavoured Beer

Gold: Grand River Brewing - Highballer Pumpkin Ale

Silver: Sawdust City Brewing Co. - Skinny Dipping Stout

People’s Choice: Cameron’s Brewing Co. - American Whiskey Barrel

Strong Beer

Gold: Niagara College Teaching Brewery - Rudolph’s Red Nose Ale

Silver: Mill Street Brewery - Ambre de la Chaudière

People’s Choice: Niagara College Teaching Brewery - Rudolph’s Red Nose Ale

Newcomer of the Year Brewery: 

Hogsback Brewing Company

Beer of the Year: 

Rickard’s Dark

Toronto’s Festival of Beer is scheduled from July 27-29th at Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place.  Festival hours will be: Friday, July 27 - 4:30-11pm, Saturday, July 28 - 1:30-8pm, Sunday, July 29 - 1:30-8pm. Tickets are now available online at:  Patrons must be of legal drinking age (19+) to attend and children and pets are not permitted on-site at the Festival.

Eska Water has signed on as the official water sponsor for TFoB. To ensure that the festival remains a safe and fun experience, Eska Water will be providing bottled water free of charge to all patrons at the festival. Drinking and Driving is never a tasty mix! Please drink responsibly. For more information, please visit

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Amsterdam - Spring Bock

Spring Bock

ABV 7.0% (Bottled - 500ml)

The Brewery

"The Amsterdam Brewing Company is your community brewery located in the heart of Toronto. Although we've moved a couple of times over the years and our name doesn't sound like we're from this great city, we're Torontonians through and through. We brew good beer, right here. Check out our Amster'Dam good story to understand where we came from, where we've been, and where we are today."

From the Bottle
Originally brewed only in monasteries for consumption during Lent, bock beers are the richest, creamiest, and most full-bodied beers in the world. Because of their high food energy and nutritional content, bock beer provided sustenance to monks who were required to fast for over 40 days and nights. If there was one beer you could literally live off of, this would be it. Our Spring Bock is crafted using three types of imported malts to give it a unique richness and deep mahogany colour. Fermented with our house strain of Danish yeast and aged three times longer than other beers, Amsterdam Spring Bock is a seasonal brew you do not want to miss out on.

2011 Ontario Brewing Awards – Silver Medal & People’s Choice Award
2010 Ontario Brewing Awards – Gold Medal
2010 Canadian Brewing Awards – Silver Medal

The Pour
1 finger off-white head that quickly dissipates leaving little to no lacing telling me this will not be a typical full bodied dark heavy beer.  There is some mild carbonation but overall it pours very smooth and exhibits the inviting shades of a rich dark wood.  There is refreshment hiding in those depths!

The nose is malty sweet with hints of toffee and caramel that are nicely balanced with a helping of flowery hops.

I was wrong!  This brew is definitely full bodied with a rich smooth creamy mouthfeel.  It has a fairly strong aftertaste that coats and stays in the mouth, an attribute I'm not usually a fan of.  I got some mild anise/chocolate/coffee and dessert flavours and the lack of carbonation helped to balance the big malt vs. hop profiles.  That being said, I'm sad to say my initial reaction was "yuck" as I found the beer a bit mucky and sticky.  I'm really not a fan of the hugely resinous mouthfeel and it wasn't balanced enough here for my particular tastes.  However, I believe it is a good iteration of the overall style they were going for with it's strong Belgian/German flavours.  If you like malt AND hops turned up to 11, you will like this beer.

Overall Impressions
I realize from the above awards that this beer is highly regarded and so maybe I don't know enough about the style to be completely objective.  I was expecting bright and refreshing and got dark, rich and resinous with no real bitterness to speak of.  It's an interesting concept for the warming but still overall cool months of spring leading into summer's wheat beers, pilseners and lagers.  I will give it a B-.  Some very bold and interesting flavour contrasts here, but not to my own tastes.  In malting this bock to be very dark I believe it runs into some similar problems to the black IPA's various brewers have been experimenting with lately.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Brew Sherpa Outting to Session 99

London, ON

With the lack of a brew pub, closing of Gambrinus (reopening at a different location June 2nd!...more to follow on that) and the home of Labatt's, London has struggled to be any sort of mecca for craft beer enthusiasts.

Thankfully we have a group like Brew Sherpa! The groups mission is to promote craft beer and comradery through various beer appreciation events and gatherings. Some more formal, some less formal, but always great people and a good time.

Their latest trek will be from London, with a stop in Kitchener / Waterloo, to Session 99.

The details of the available bus trip are below;

The 2012 Brew Sherpa Session99 Roadtrip! 

"Saturday June 23rd and just like last year, it will be a blast! BYOB on the bus, quick pick-up for the KW folks, lots of laughs and great beers.

The process:

Read below, if you're in please send an email to All are that I mean, all good natured, beer loving, legally-allowed-to-drink-in-Ontario individuals are welcome. Tell your friends. First come, first served basis. I will seek $20 in advance to hold your spot. 

The bus:

24 passenger, audio/video system, overhead and rear storage, wireless internet and laptop plug-ins, a cool driver

The schedule on June 23rd, 2012:

Depart London @ 11:30am from Gigs (420 Talbot St. N)
Quick Stop @ Homer Watson Blvd Tims for the KW friends
Arrive at 99 Sudbury St. Toronto for the 1pm Session99 start time.

The session ends at 4pm, but we depart at 6pm, giving us time to check out a favorite brew pub. Bellwoods is an option, and only a 10 minute walk from where we'll be. 

Depart from Toronto @ 6pm (99 Sudbury Street)
Quick Stop @ Homer Watson Blvd Tims for the KW friends
Arrive in London at Gigs

The costs:

$45 for the bus (all in- including driver gratuity)
$45.20 tax incl for Session99 tickets (1pm-4pm session... this bit is important)

**Buy your  Session99 ticket online here** (we worked it out for a bulk pickup at the door last year, but it logistically makes no difference and just means I had to juggle more of your cash)"

Halifax Seaport BeerFest: Atlantic Canada’s Largest Beer Festival Set for August 10 & 11

Halifax, NS

Named “Favourite Beer Festival” in Canada’s beer magazine, TAPS, the Halifax Seaport BeerFest: Atlantic Canada’s largest beer festival returns for its 6th year at the Halifax Seaport on Friday, August 10 and Saturday, August 11.

Attendees can taste samples from nearly 200 local, regional and international beers and ciders on offer at three sessions over two days. The first session is Friday evening from 7 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. the second is Saturday afternoon from 2 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. and the final on Saturday evening from 7 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. In addition to samplings, event-goers can experience great live music by local musicians SoHo Ghetto, Keith Andrews and Petty Lacerny along with locally inspired cuisine from Taste of Nova Scotia restaurant members.

“It will be two and a half hours of the most fun you’ll have all summer!” said Bruce Mansour, co-producer of the Halifax Seaport Beerfest. “When the beerfest is on, you won’t want be anywhere else. Discovering and sampling great beer, enjoying fabulous local food and having fun in the sun, this is the place to be!”

BeerFest staff are working hard to coordinate the nearly 200 beers and ciders that arrive each year. Maritime favourites, like Picaroons and Rogues Roost, will join national brands and European imports alike to show the quality and diversity that makes today’s beer market so interesting. Specialty pavilions will also return from Ontario, Quebec and Maine.

Tickets are on sale now at the Ticket Atlantic box office, by phone at 451-1221 (1-877-451-1221) and online at The Saturday afternoon session is $40 per person in advance ($45 at the gate). The evening sessions are $45 per person in advance ($50 at the gate). Tickets at the gate are limited as sessions do sell out. Prices do not include tax and applicable surcharges.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) returns for the 6th year as event sponsor. Tickets will be available at select NSLC locations throughout the province starting Wednesday, June 13. Check your local store for details.

A portion of the net event proceeds will again be donated to the official Festival charity - Prostate Cancer Canada Atlantic:

For full event details on the Halifax Seaport BeerFest, visit: and at and!/@seaportbeerfest

Monday, May 21, 2012

LCBO sales top $4.7 billion in 2011-12

Toronto, ON

LCBO released its 2011-12 financial results today reporting net sales of $4.710 billion, up $218 million or (4.9 per cent) over 2010-11. It transferred an all-time high $1.63 billion dividend, not including taxes, to the Ontario government, $80 million (5.2 per cent) more than in 2010-11. Net income rose $98 million to $1.658 billion, up 6.3 per cent.

It was LCBO's 17th straight year of record sales and 18th consecutive record dividend. These financials have yet to be audited.  LCBO revenues help pay for provincial government priorities, including health care, education, infrastructure and other important public services.

"Net sales growth resulted from consumers trading up to premium products, incremental sales from new stores, an appealing product mix and effective marketing," said LCBO President & CEO Bob Peter. "Good expense control and inventory management also allowed us to capitalize on increased dollar sales and exceed last year's dividend in a challenging economy."

LCBO's 4.9 per cent sales growth in 2011-12 outpaced the Canadian and Ontario retail sectors. Seasonally adjusted retail sales increased 4.5 per cent year-over-year for all of Canada while Ontario retail sales grew by 3.4 per cent.

Ontario VQA table wines rose by nine per cent, outpacing LCBO wine sales as a whole which increased by 5.7 per cent.  Ontario craft beers led all product segments with almost 45 per cent growth.

"The sales performance of VQA wines and Ontario craft beers are all the more impressive given they are achieving growth on top of previous strong sales growth," noted Peter. "We continue to see very positive results from the steps we have taken to promote VQA wines and Ontario craft beers, including through our goLOCAL marketing."

Vintages, LCBO's fine wine and premium spirits business unit, saw sales rise 10.2 per cent or $39 million over the previous year to $425 million.

Key product sales trends in 2011-12:

Spirits sales rose 4.3 per cent to $1.92 billion (imported spirits rose 6.6 per cent)
Wine sales rose 5.7 per cent to $1.66 billion (whites up 6.6 per cent, reds up 5.2 per cent)
Beer sales rose 3.8 per cent, totalling $888 million.
LCBO gift card sales were up 19 per cent and sales of gift packs rose 14 per cent.
In 2011-12, LCBO opened 13 new stores and carried out major upgrades on two outlets. These retail improvements contributed some $14.5 million in additional sales.

During 2011-12, LCBO retail staff challenged 6.3 million people who appeared underage, intoxicated or were suspected of purchasing for a minor or an intoxicated person.  More than 290,000 were refused service. Eighty-four per cent of refusals were for reasons of age.

LCBO's Deflate the Elephant social responsibility campaign continued to evolve with the launch of the "Home Bartending Challenge" at, a Facebook Pledge photo contest and TV commercials during the summer and holiday seasons encouraging hosts to help prevent their guests from drinking and driving. It was LCBO's 13th annual social responsibility campaign.

Customer donations at LCBO checkouts and employee fundraising raised more than $6.2 million for worthy causes in calendar 2011.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Beer Store Victoria Day Closing

Toronto, ON

All Beer Stores will be closed on Monday, May 21, 2011 to observe the Victoria Day statutory holiday.  All Beer Stores will observe regular hours of sale on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  For more information about The Beer Store, visit them at 

"The Beer Store would like to remind you that we take back 100% of all beer packaging as well as all wine and spirit containers.  The Beer Store also wishes to remind you to please, drink responsibly.  To our customers and employees, please enjoy a safe holiday."

LCBO stores closed on Victoria Day

Toronto, ON

All LCBO stores will be closed on Victoria Day, Monday, May 21.

As with most government offices, LCBO's Toronto head office will also close on Victoria Day. Some agency stores will observe their normal business hours on May 21. Agency stores are locally-owned retailers that contract with LCBO to sell beverage alcohol, along with other products, in communities that are too small to support regular LCBO stores.

Beginning this long holiday weekend, many resort and cottage-area LCBO stores that normally close at 6:00 p.m. may remain open later on Friday evenings. Select LCBO stores in these communities will also stay open later on Saturday evenings. In most cases, these extended Friday and Saturday evening hours will continue until the Labour Day weekend.

Customers should check for individual store hours with their local LCBO store or online at using the 'Store Search' feature. They can also contact the toll-free, bilingual helloLCBO at 1-800-ONT-LCBO (668-5226) or online at In Toronto, call 416 365-5900. The TTY number for the deaf and hard of hearing is 416 864-6898 or 1-800-361-3291. HelloLCBO will be closed on Victoria Day.

Beau’s Summer Seasonal Festivale Hits LCBO Shelves

Ottawa, ON

Unique Summer Altbier arrives just in time for the first long weekend of summer

Beau’s All Natural Brewing is changing up their seasonal offering starting today, just as summer is about to begin. Festivale Altbier is now available at select LCBO locations throughout Ontario — it can also be purchased through BYBO home delivery service in Ottawa, and at the brewery retail store in Vankleek Hill.

Festivale, a 4.7% amber-hued summer ale, is sold through the LCBO in single-serve 600 ml bottles for $4.35. Craft beer drinkers will find Festivale refreshing in more ways than one: it will certainly quench a summer’s thirst, but also it bucks the trend of light, fruity summer beers, instead offering up rich amber hues and assertive malt & hop flavours.

Festivale, an Altbier, is something of a cousin beer to Lug Tread, as both styles originate from the northern part of the Rhineland in Germany. The amber ale has a rich caramel maltiness that is kept in balance by a firm hop presence, and pairs well with fare such as nutty cheeses and grilled pork tenderloin. The perfectly-suited summer ale won Gold in 2009 at the Mondiale de la Biere in Strasbourg, France.

Beau’s will celebrate the launch of the new seasonal with a Patio Party at the Brewery, Saturday May 19. On hand to help will be Ottawa publicans The Arrow and Loon, who will be selling meals and snacks to visitors that afternoon. The brewery will be open for free tours and tastings, and for those looking to make a day of it, the Vankleek Hill May Show (an arts festival) is also taking place on Main Street in town.

That evening at the Windsor in Vankleek Hill, the brewery will host its second-ever “steak dinner and music night,” featuring Ottawa’s own Chris Rayburn opening for American alt-country duo Cory Branan & Jon Snodgrass, with a roundtrip bus running from Ottawa to Vankleek Hill. The $35 bus ticket includes a Kölsch glass of Beer (keep the glass!) & Brewery Tour at Beau's Brewery, Steak Dinner (with all the fixin’s) at the Windsor Tavern, Admission to the Cory Branan + Jon Snodgrass/Chris Rayburn show at the Windsor Tavern, and Return bus transportation from Ottawa to Vankleek Hill.

Bus tickets can be purchased by calling the brewery or via the Beau’s online store accessed through the website: Limited tickets ($5) will also be available to locals at the door.

Festivale will be available at select LCBOs and at the brewery in 600 ml bottles; 1.89L jugs will be available at the brewery and through the BYBO home delivery service: Festivale will also be served on tap at a number of restaurants and pubs across Ontario, for details visit the Beau’s website.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Dead Frog Pale Ale Recipe!

Langley, BC

Dead Frog's bold new Pale Ale is now available in BC and Saskatchewan!  The new Dead Frog Pale Ale is brewed with Galaxy and 2 other hops to create a beautiful hop forward ale that is perfectly balanced with premium malts.

Here’s the info for the brew:

Official Description

A hop forward Pale Ale with 3 premium hop varietals working together to create enticing citrus notes on the front end with minimal bitterness on the back end. Premium malts balance out the hops with a rich, full flavoured finish.

Tech Specs and Info
Ingredients: Water, malt, hops, yeast
Malts: Canadian 2 Row Pale, Caramel
Hops: Perle, Galaxy, Cascade
IBUs: 20
First batch: January 2006

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Southern Tier - Un*Earthly

ABV 9.5% (Bottled - 650ml)

The Brewery
I'm sure Southern Tier needs no introduction, but just in case.

"In operation since late 2002, Southern Tier Brewing Company of Lakewood, New York, has grown to produce around 50,000 barrels of beer annually. The hand crafted ales are now available in more than half of the United States, as well as parts of Australia, Denmark, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Ontario, British Columbia, and the United Kingdom."

From the Bottle
“an uninhibited infusion of hops”

At the Southern Tier Brewing Company, vigorously hopped beer is our standard and inspiration. We continue a commitment to innovation with our most aggressive offering yet. Unearthly is a manifestation of the brewer’s craft; skillfully balancing art and the forces of nature to produce a divine liquid. Delicately pour a taste into a fluted glass. Smell the enchanting aromas of the hops waft forward as your first sip divulges this beer’s fervent soul. To underestimate Unearthly is to trifle with the mysteries of the universe, so please consume wisely.

FOOD PAIRINGS:  Particularly tasty when paired with sharp artisan cheeses, curries, smoked brisket, spicy foods.

The Pour

I got no head on my pour and very little lacing.  The beer is golden orange with little to no carbonation.  This brew literally seems to glow from the inside, I've never seen a Imperial IPA quite like it!  Very unique to say the least

Orange juice!  This puts any orange peel ale I've tried to shame, and orange isn't even an ingredient here!  The hops are wonderful and bright with a splash of grapefruit that is not too citrusy or overwhelming.  Overall the nose is very juicy with some mild astringent notes that give it a complex kick.


Wonderfully full bodied and well balanced.  Very hop forward with an emphasis on the citrus fruits found in the nose.  It has almost no carbonation which makes it creamy like an English ale which is very interesting in a beer that is so hop forward.  However the lack of carbonation works as there is no carb burn in the mouth to take away from the beautiful deep layers of hop flavour.  There was no "sticky" hop aftertaste which I enjoyed quite alot after last nights Hop Head from Tree Brewing, which was teeth coatingly resinous.  All the taste is right up front here and is finished with a nice bitter bite on the back end that leaves your palate clean and wanting another sip.  I could drink this all night.  I can't imagine how good it would be on tap!  The 9.5% ABV isn't noticable at all, it is totally masked by the flavour, which I think is quite an accomplishment.

Overall Impressions

This is my first unreserved A+.  If you can bring me a better Imperial IPA, I'd love to try it.  This one really wowed me and proves Southern Tier can not only produce a large and varied line of beers, but maintain a standard of excellence that should make other craft brewers take note.  Buy these while they last as they have already been discontinued at LCBO, hopefully just for the season.  LCBO 265124.  I think I'll pick up a couple to stow away before they're all gone.  This beer truly delivers on its' label's promise.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ontario Craft Brewers Win Awards at 2012 World Beer Cup

Toronto, ON

Ontario Breweries Amsterdam, Cameron’s & King Win at Prestigious International “Olympics of Beer”

Three Ontario Craft Brewers grabbed global beer glory in a contest of international brewing excellence, winning awards at the 2012 World Beer Cup® held May 5, 2012 at the Town & Country Resort in San Diego, California.

Amsterdam Brewing Co. of Toronto, Cameron’s Brewing Co. of Oakville and King Brewery of Nobleton each won an award at the 2012 World Beer Cup®. Judges presented a total of 284 awards during the ninth bi-annual competition which boasted the strongest field of entrants on record, with 799 breweries from 54 countries and 45 U.S. states entering 3,921 beers in 95 beer style categories.

“Ontario Craft Brewers have long been recognized for brewing excellence and premium quality products, winning hundreds of awards in regional, national and international competitions over the past decade,” says Gary McMullen, Chair, Ontario Craft Brewers and President, Muskoka Brewery. “We are very proud of the accomplishments of our members. This achievement speaks to the success of our industry as a whole.”

Amsterdam took a Bronze in the 2012 Fruit Wheat Beer category (28 entries) for its Framboize.
"Our Framboise is an incredibly difficult beer to make from the brewing process and the amount of time we age in fresh raspberries, all the way to filtration and packaging,” says Jamie Mistry, Brewmaster at Amsterdam Brewing Co. Framboise has always had a good following in Ontario, but to be recognized on an international level for this beer is a huge honour."

Cameron’s won a Bronze in the 2012 German-Style Schwarzbier category (40 entries) for its Dark 266. "We are very proud of our win for Cameron's Dark 266,” says Bill Coleman, President & Co-owner, Cameron’s Brewing Co. “This is truly testament to our talented and passionate brewers. We spare no expense and take the time to brew the world's best beer. Stay tuned for more innovation from Cameron's."

King Brewery was awarded Silver for its Dark Lager in the 2012 European-Style Dark/Münchner Dunkel category (34 Entries). “It’s a great honor to be recognized by such large and prestigious crowd” said Bryan Watts, King Brewery’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. “We are tremendously proud of the efforts of our Brewmaster Phil DiFonzo and his brewery team. To go up against the “best of the best” in the craft beer business and bring home a silver medal clearly demonstrates the team’s passion, hard work, attention to detail and quality.”

The awards ceremony took place during the annual Craft Brewer’s Conference (May 2-5). Over 30 brewers and staff from Ontario breweries attended the three-day craft beer extravaganza. Brewers attended seminars and presentations and networked with craft brewers from around the globe.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Honouring the Fine Beers and Brewers of Ontario

Toronto, ON

The Ontario Brewing Awards celebrate their 9th year

There’s nothing like kicking up your feet, and taking that first sip of ice cold beer after a long day’s work. But do you ever think about the work that goes into making it? Well, the Ontario Brewing Awards certainly do, and they’re back for their 9th year of celebrating the blood, sweat and tears Canada’s brew masters put into each glass of golden goodness. The awards will be announced on site at The Beer Academy in Toronto – come out to find out who won Gold, Silver or People’s Choice!

This competition provides an opportunity for commercially-produced beers to be judged against the best beers in the province while giving beer lovers an opportunity to not only meet the brewers behind the brand, but to also sample some award-winning suds.

"Hats off to the brewers of Ontario, who continue to raise the bar, producing the highest quality and tasty brews day in and day out," says Les Murray, President of Toronto's Festival of Beer. “It is a pleasure to be associated with such a great industry."

Breweries are judged in the following categories:

North American Light Lager, North American Lager, Pilsner, Amber Lager, Dark Lager, Bock, Honey Maple, German Wheat, Belgian Wheat, Cream Ale, Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, North American Pale Ale, British IPA, North American IPA, Amber Ale, Dark Ale, Porter, Stout, Imperial Stouts, Fruit or Vegetable Flavoured Beer, and Strong Beer.

We’ve also added two new awards this year – Newcomer of the Year and Original Brew of the Year.

Newcomers this year include Kichesippi Beer Co., Junction Craft Brewing, Kensington Brewing Company, Double Trouble Brewing Co., Spearhead Brewing Company, Sawdust City Brewing Co., and Lake of Bays Brewing Company.

Don’t miss your returning favourites! Including; Black Oak Brewing, Cameron’s Brewing Company, Cool Beer Brewing, Creemore Springs, Flying Monkey’s Craft Brewery, Grand River Brewery, Great Lakes BreweryKing Brewery, Lakes of Muskoka Cottage Brewery, Mill Street Brewery, Brewing and Steam Whistle Brewing.

Beerlicious Inc and Roger Mittag, the “Professor of Beer”, will host the awards on Thursday, May 17 from 5-8pm at The Beer Academy, 75 Victoria Street, Toronto. Tickets are being sold to the general public for $10 and include food and beer samples.  Tickets are available to purchase through and

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Second Harvest Announces Culinary Line-up for Toronto Taste 2012

Toronto, ON
The line-up for Toronto's most anticipated culinary event of the year has been announced! Second Harvest's 22nd annual Toronto Taste features 60 of the city's top chefs and 30 outstanding beverage purveyors. Held on Sunday, May 27th, both indoors and outdoors, at the Royal Ontario Museum the event will be hosted by Food Network's Bob Blumer and Food Network Chef and recording artist Roger Mooking.
Toronto Taste was one of the very first culinary fundraisers in the city. The Daniels Corporation has been a proud supporter and Presenting Sponsor for the past 17 years running. Since the start of Toronto Taste it has raised more than $4 million to support Second Harvest's food rescue program.
No other event gives guests personal access to the city's top culinary talent including Food Network hosts Mark McEwan, Michael SmithLynn Crawford and many more. Amid mingling with top chefs, guests will enjoy outstanding wines, premium beers and delectable dishes while sipping and strolling the grounds of the museum.
For 2012, we are pleased to present an outstanding culinary line-up featuring flavours for every palate, including:
Restaurants & Chefs
ACE BakeryLinda Haynes
All the Best Fine FoodsNicole Rumball
AriaEron Novalski
Baker StreetM. Somerton & E. Kravice
BeerbistroMichelle Usprech
Belgian Chocolate ShopPatricia Cohrs
Biff's BistroAmanda Ray
BoehmerPaul Boehmer
BucaRob Gentile
C5Corbin Tomaszeski
Cafe BelongBrad Long
Caviar CentreSteven Omidi
Centro Restaurant & LoungeSyman Abad
The Chef's House George Brown CollegeOliver Li
Chiado & Salt Wine BarAlbino Silva
Ciao Wine BarSaverio Macri
Corner House RestaurantHerbert Barnsteiner
The CounterRobert Mills
Dufflet PastriesDufflet Rosenberg
e11evenGraham Pelley
EPIC at Fairmont Royal YorkTimothy Palmer
Estiatorio VOLOSAndreas Antoniou
Fabbrica/North 44/Bymark/ONE/McEwanMark McEwan
Far NientePat Riley
FRANK RestaurantAnne Yarymowich
Fred's BreadAndrea Damon Gibson
Gelato FrescoHart Melvin
GeorgeLorenzo Loseto
Globe Bistro & EarthDan Sanders
GranoRoberto Martella
Great Cooks on EightEsther Benaim
Harvest KitchensKelvin Ramjattan
Indian Rice FactoryAman Patel
L'Unità & MalénaMichale Angeloni, Alex Bruveris & Becky Ross
Linda Modern ThaiWing Li
Little Anthony'sAaron M. Foster
Longo'sRobert Mutch
Mavrik Wine BarJai Nho
Nota BeneDavid Lee
Oro RestaurantMike Crockford
PangaeaMartin Kouprie
Pauline's PastriesRobyn Perlmutar
Petite ThuetMarc Thuet
Rodney's Oyster HouseRodney Clark
RosewaterDale Meek
Ruby WatchcoLynn Crawford
Ruth's Chris Steak HouseJess Ostlund
Sanci's Wholesale ProduceSal Borg
SassafrazGeoff Webb
Scaramouche RestaurantCarolyn Reid
ScarpettaMichael Hunter
SobeysJason Sawatsky
Sodexo CanadaReg Pearce & Michael Smith
Sotto Sotto RistoranteMarisa Rocca
Spice Route Asian Bistro & BarWinlai Wong
SplendidoVictor Barry
TocaTom Brodi
TundraKevin Prendergast
UnionTeo Paul
Wanda's Pie in the SkyWanda Beaver
Woodlot Dave Haman
Beverage Purveyors
Amsterdam Brewing Company
Cave Spring Cellars
Château des Charmes
Churchill Cellars
Corks Beer & Wine Bar
Creekside Estate Winery
Creemore Springs Brewery
The Grange of Prince Edward Estate Winery
Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery
Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates
Konzelmann Estate Winery
Lifford Wine Agency
MCO…Interesting Wines & Spirits
Mill Street Brewery
Nyarai Cellars
Patera Group
Prevedello & Mathews International Wines & Spirits
Reunion Island Coffee
Southbrook Vineyards
Steam Whistle Brewing
Strewn Winery
The Tea Emporium
Victoria Gin
The Vine-Rob Groh Agency
Woodman Wines & Spirits Inc.

A limited number of tickets are now available at a cost of $250 each, with a $125 tax receipt. Each ticket purchased will help Second Harvest rescue enough food to deliver 250 meals to those in need in Toronto.
For more information or to purchase tickets, visit or call 416.408.2594.


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