Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pump House Brewery - Muddy River Stout

4.8 ABV

"Our oatmeal stout is deep midnight black coloured with a roasty aroma of malts, espresso and chocolate. Full and velvety with more sweet flavours of malt, coffee and chocolate as suggested in the aroma. Lightly acidic with a big finish, oatmeal surely isn’t just for breakfast anymore!"

The Pour

On tap at the Pump House Brewery brew pub, this tasty treat was poured through a creaming plate.  A black beauty of a stout and completely opaque. The silky looking tan head dissipates slowly.


Rich coffee and dark chocolate dominate the malt sweetness that seeps through. The nose seems intense considering it's overly cool temperate and low ABV. 


Not huge in mouthfeel, still silky and coffee forward. The dark chocolate flavours add to the roasty malts, balancing their sweetness with some nice bitterness.  Surprisingly rich for a non imperial stout. 

Overall Impressions

Quite nice...I will patiently sip away at this so it can be enjoyed at an appropriate temperature.  Just a couple of blocks from my hotel in Moncton, The Pump House Brewery has some solid beers and a great atmosphere. As it warmed, the flavours had more punch.  This stout is very enjoyable if a little thin in mouthfeel.  I would give it a solid B.


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