Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Denison's - Weissbier

ABV 5.3% (Tall Boy - 473ml)

The Brew - http://www.denisons.ca/

“Our Weissbier is an authentic Bavarian style wheat beer and has attracted an extremely loyal following and wonderful reviews.  In 2002 Denison's Wheat Beer became rated #1 in the world in the 'German Hefeweizen' category on ratebeer.com and has remained in that place to this date. Denison's Weissbier is true to style, served unfiltered and is very refreshing.  Although its only ingredients are malted barley, malted wheat, imported hops, water and yeast, the special Bavarian yeast produces the classic but unusual flavours of a true wheat beer.  Flavour notes such as banana, clove and vanilla are all present."

The Pour
Pours a clear golden sunny yellow turning to cloudy orange.  Lots of big bubbles with enticing darker shades in the centre of the glass.  The one finger head was gone quickly which makes me think I poured it wrong.  Looks like a good summer bubbler.

The nose is fresh with sweet bready malted wheat that is reminiscent of various Belgian styled Unibrou offerings.  I got lots of Belgian type yeast and dried mango, from what I suspect is Hallertau hops.

Very clean with a light to medium bodied mouthfeel.  I didn’t detect much flavour, but it was very refreshing and pleasant with just enough body and taste to put it above a light beer.  I got an energizing carbonated tingle and frothiness that is always welcome in a summery beer.

Overall Impressions
I found this beer to be very European and I suspect that is why it rates so high on Ratebeer  and BeerAdvocate, as an exemplar of its’ style.  However, I can’t quite get my head around those ratings even though this is a well crafted brew.  It is sometimes hard to balance style vs. actual drinking experience in reviews like this.  It's kind of like appreciating Shakespeare vs. enjoying Shakespeare.  Two very different things.  Nevertheless, I found it to be a nice warm weather beer that won’t disappoint in refreshment.  Pass on usual macro "White's", and give this a try.

I give it a B- or a 7.0/10.


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