Monday, June 4, 2012

Target Achieved: Beau’s Annual Donations Top $150,000

Ottawa, ON

Beau’s All Natural Brewing meets target of “$150,000 In One Year” donated in support of charitable works, community building and independent arts

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company is proud to announce an annual total of $154,363 donated in the last year by the local brewery in support of charitable works, community building and independent arts. The goal was set by brewery co-founders Tim and Steve Beauchesne back in April 2011 with an aggressive target of $150,000 — and the target was reached this spring.

Beneficiaries included national and international charities such as the Canadian Red Cross, Children’s Wish Foundation, Amnesty International, and the United Way, as well as local good works such as Operation Come Home, Good Food Revolution, the Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society, and many local hospitals, community festivals, and fundraising events.

 “The $150,000 donation goal was a ‘stretch target’ designed to keep us on our toes, and we just barely made it,” says brewery co-founder Steve Beauchesne. “The previous year’s goal was $100,000 and we thought it was crazy when we set it, then still managed to hit it. We’ve got a three-year donation total now since 2009 of $327,000, and we’ve done it while being a young, busy brewery… we’re proud of that.”

Beau’s continues to receive feedback about how funds raised so far are used to make a difference.
“This past year, Ottawa Disaster Management volunteers of the Canadian Red Cross assisted over 1,500 vulnerable people affected by fires and other personal disasters,” says David Fraser, Chair of the Ottawa Branch Council of the Canadian Red Cross, citing examples in Northern Ontario and Iqaluit. “The provision of lodging, food, clothing and comfort by over 200 volunteers is possible because of the generous contributions from supporters such as Beau’s All Natural Brewing.”

Elspeth McKay, Executive Director of Operation Come Home which operates the BYBO Beau’s beer home delivery service in Ottawa (, points to measurable results since the service began last November: “To date, the youth that have worked in BYBO have found housing, a job, enrolled in Algonquin College and begun to save for school,” she explains.

Beau’s All Natural is now aiming for a multi-year target of $1 million in total donations by January 1, 2015, and will update with milestone announcements and annual reports on progress toward this goal.


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