Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grand River Brewery - Pugnacious Pale Ale

ABV 4.5% (Bottle 500ml)

The Brewery -

"Grand River Brewing is committed to producing fresh craft brewed beers of outstanding quality for discerning beer drinkers. Our goal is to produce full flavoured beers with alcohol contents less than 5% for today’s population concerned about over indulgence. These beers will stand out and change people’s thoughts about how beers should taste."

Unfortunately "Pugnacious" has no description on their website...

The Pour

The head was barely there, stringy and dissipated quickely.  The colour was of fresh golden apple juice.  There was also a lot of initial carb that mellowed out quite quickely to a steady stream of bubbles from the bottom.


Apple juice all the way, mixed with a sweet malt backbone.  Very juicy.


Mouthfeel was medium bodied and creamy smooth with lots of malt upfront and lots of unexpected hop stickiness on the back end.  There was no carb burn which was nice and I also detected notes of cereal and black coffee.

Overall Impressions

Light English ale all the way.  I'm a big fan of this style but must say this one wasn't remarkable, which was suprising as I like Grand River's old world style.  As I said, there was a nice unexpected hit of hops and it had a decent nose, but I would go to their Plowman's Ale first if you're looking for a really delicious and traditional English pint.  I didn't find the definition of "pugnacious", (Inclined to quarrel or fight readily; quarrelsome; belligerent; combative) really fit this beer.

I give it a C+ or a 6.8/10.


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