Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thornbridge Brewery - Kipling South Pacific Pale Ale

ABV 5.2% (Bottle 500ml)

The Brewery

The Bottle
Kipling is a soft, but full flavoured, South Pacific Pale Ale with hints of passion fruit and kiwi.

The Pour
Golden sunny yellow straw coloured with a good 2 finger cotton white head.  There is some decent lacing and the brew is perfectly clear.

I could smell the hops on the pour!  Lots of bright tropical fruit flooding out of the glass reminiscent of Southern Tier's Un*earthly.  I love love love this nose.  It's hops done right with splashes of acidic grapefruit and pineapple balanced against smoother mango and green grapes. 

Medium bodied, smooth and just a little carb bite and it froths up easily in the mouth almost like a wheat.  The taste is a bit underwhelming after that perfect nose.  It starts with hoppy bite, goes frothy and falls flat on the back end.  Overall very mild. 

Overall Impressions
Fairly refreshing and certainly session-able.  The nose is gangbusters, but I felt it needed something in the taste to set it apart.  This beer rates crazy high on Ratebeer and Beer Advocate.  Perhaps someone can educate me on what I'm missing?  I do love the packaging.

I give it a B or 7/10.


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