Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tickets to BC Beer Awards On Sale September 1st

Vancouver, BC

One of the most focused craft beer events in Western Canada, the 2012 BC Beer Awards showcases and celebrates the very best of locally-made craft beer.  Last year’s award ceremony included over 400 unique entries from over 35 BC breweries and brewpubs, with winners selected in 12 distinct categories.  Judges included certified Beer Judges, Cicerones, Sommeliers, Journalists, as well as noted beer and food lovers.

With increasing consumer demand for locally-produced craft beer, the BC Beer Awards and CAMRA’s Harvest Cask Festival couldn’t come at a better time.  Kevin Emms, Brewmaster at Vancouver’s Coal Harbour Brewing Company says, “As a new brewery that is confident in our product, the BC Beer Awards are a chance to raise our profile to consumers.  In fact, it keeps everyone in the BC beer industry striving for excellence.”  Dean McLeod, Head Brewer at Victoria’s Lighthouse Brewing Company agrees.  “We like the BC Beer awards because t helps to bring to the attention of BC beer drinkers the great beers we’re all making at the moment.”

It is important to note that craft beer brewed in BC is developing a flavour and style that is uniquely its own.  Omar Rashwan, Business Development Manager of Kelowna’s Tree Brewing suggests, “BC Craft Brewers are known for innovation and experimentation with seasonal beers and a wide range of ales and lagers.  Brewers are consistently pushing the boundaries, but are always listening to the consumers to give them what they want - sometimes what they may not have thought they wanted, but really enjoy!”

Daniel Murphy, Brewmaster at Victoria’s Canoe Brewpub goes even further to highlight the strength of the BC Craft Beer industry. “In BC there is a certain philosophy which sets us apart from the rest of Canada.  It’s our lifestyle, our values, and shared beliefs that see us eating local foods, while enjoying and protecting nature.  BC Craft Brewers now have the confidence to assert themselves within Canada and apart from other brewers in the Pacific Northwest.”  Omar continues, “There is such a strong culture of producing and consuming local in BC.  We have a great food and wine culture, and the craft beer culture marries well with that.  It all goes hand in hand.”

Perhaps Matt Lockhart, Communications and Marketing Co-ordinator at Victoria’s Phillips Brewing Company sums it up best: “We are part of the BC Beer Awards because there are so many incredible breweries in BC, and it’s great to be at an event where we can compare and contrast our beer against the best of them.  We produce beer not to win awards, but to offer high-quality craft products for our customers.  There is an incredible momentum in our industry, with so many new creative craft brewers that are diversifying and exemplifying our craft.  The creativity and passion is amazing, and our product is world-class!”


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