Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tree Brewing Co. - Hefeweizen

ABV 5.0% (Bottle 650ml)

The Brewery

The Bottle
Un-filtered wheat Ale. A distinct cloudy appearance, with banana and clove undertones.

For Your Information
Hefeweizen (the prefix "hefe" is German for yeast) is the name for unfiltered wheat beers, while kristallweizen ("kristall" being German for crystal) is the same beer filtered.

The Pour
This interesting brew poured with very little carb and little to no head, just uneven bubbling that quickly disappeared.  As you can see the colour is a wonderful yellow that turns to tones of orange, peach and sunsets once the glass is full.  The brew is cloudy due to not being pasteurized.  The lack of head is odd for a wheat but a welcome surprise.

There is a lot of sweet wheat aromas upfront that give way to light hints of orange and tropical fruits like cantaloupe and honeydew as the beer opens up.  Very delicate, but pleasurable.  I did not detect any hops.

I found it light-bodied with a small amount of carb bite.  The mouthfeel ends up a bit thin, but the bite makes it very refeshing and gulpable.  I started to detect some mild melon flavours but was surprised more of the nose didn't make it to my palate.

This was a very interesting Hefe and that scores it more points in my book.  It was almost a wheat in flavour, an English pale ale in body, and a Southern Tier IPA in colour.   This is another beer I can't quite give the same high ratings as Ratebeer and Beer Advocate, but it certainly was memorable, and that's what matters most to me. 

I give it a solid B+. 


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